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Author Services

In the spirit of ensuring that aspiring and established authors get their books published, I am offering premium editing, ghostwriting, manuscript critique and other book consulting services. My services are geared towards ensuring your book is interesting, properly written and appeals, at first glance, to readers.

These services include the following:

  • Book Editing Services
  • Book cover designs
  • Ghostwriting
  • Epub conversion
  • ISBN registration
  • Manuscript Critique
  • Book Editing Services

An Indisputable Truth

Bad editing can kill a good book faster than fossil fuels deplete the ozone layer. From experience helping authors publish their books, I’ve learned that readers will readily discard books that are not properly edited. 

To help you avoid this horrible fate—especially after you’ve put in so much effort into writing your book— I am offering editing services that will take your poetry, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts from a not-so-clean state to perfection.

My Editing Services

Proofreading: This involves checking your manuscript for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Consider this service as the icing on the cake, a quality check of sorts, one best utilized when you’ve gotten all aspects of your book in place, and want to cross your Ts and dot your Is. 

  • Before Proofreading: With my proofreading service, you’ll get one round of editing, a thorough sweep in record time to save yourself from grammar Nazis.
  • After Proofreading: Want to ensure that elementary errors don’t make you look unprofessional. Get my professional proofreading services today.
  • Line Editing (almost the same as copy editing): My line editing service is focused on addressing the author’s writing style as well as how language is used at both the sentence and paragraph levels.
  • Before Line Editing: In less technical terms, this means that one of our professional editors will ensure your sentences and paragraphs are properly written, and arranged to improve flow in your manuscript. This editing style will map out your writing style and writing voice while helping you maintain consistency.  You’ll get one round of editing which includes my Proofreading package. When I’m done, your words will be sublime.
  • After Line Editing: 

Interested in polishing your work? Send me an email at jaachiwrites@gmail.com
Developmental Editing: This kind of editing focuses on ensuring your story-line and characters are well-developed. Your manuscript’s structure will be reworked. The plot will be examined for loose ends and bridges will be crafted to properly link one scene to another.

  • Before Developmental Editing: I will ensure your facts are consistent while ensuring that your pacing is good. Character traits and dialogue will also be checked and amended if faults are found.
  • After Developmental Editing: This editing type is almost similar to ghostwriting as the editor will help rewrite scenes that don’t fit. The wonderful thing is that all ideas will be attributed to you and your work will be safe with us. Plus, this package also entitles you to the Proofreading and Line Editing package.

Interested in a manuscript overhaul? Send me an email at   jaachiwrites@gmail.com  to revamp your story.

Ghostwriting Services: Writing is hard work and not everyone has the time or zeal to put in the work. That’s why we always say that there’s nothing as good as getting a professional to draft and write your manuscripts while you attend to other things. My professional ghostwriters—proficient across many writing forms and genres — are your best bet for unraveling the intricate ideas that lurk in your head.

As your ghostwriter, I will ensure that I mirror your tone of voice and writing style while molding speech, scenery, characters, plot, as well as other aspects of your story. Be assured though, I don’t just write for the sake of it. I will first work with you to create an outline of the entire work and then do my best to develop it into your dream book. If I feel a particular chapter doesn’t work, I will let you know and discuss what works.

No matter how complicated your story is, there’s someone here to tell it for you. You know the best thing? No one will ever know that you didn’t write it.

Want a super-discreet professional ghostwriter for your manuscript?
Get in touch!   jaachiwrites@gmail.com

Book Cover Design: Don’t be deceived, people will judge your book by its cover. One glance is enough reason for many people to chuck or buy a book. If you’re not sure what to do with your cover or you have a general concept and need someone to help actualize your ideas, I’d love to help. Let me help you design mind-blowing covers that’d get you noticed.
Check out some book covers designed by me! Click Here

Epub Conversion for as low as N350 (naira) for 1000 words: When your manuscript is in a .epub file extension, it saves you the time and stress of having to copy and paste or edit your work in the publishing dashboard. To make it easier for you, we can convert your book into epub format from any of the following file extensions: pptx, doc, docx, pdf, txt or mobi. This allows for swift publishing on our platform, and also makes it possible for you to publish the converted epub file on Amazon.

Want to find out the cost of switching formats? Send me email at jaachiwrites@gmail.com  and we will get back to you. 

Get An ISBN For Your Book: Although it seems unnecessary in this digital age, we still advise authors to have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) as it is a unique identifier. Apart from being proof that your work is yours, having an ISBN makes it easy to search for your book. Imagine how easy it would be for anyone in the world to find a copy of your manuscript!

Interested in getting an ISBN for your book? Let’s help you today at  jaachiwrites@gmail.com .

Manuscript Critique: When you’re done (or almost done) with your manuscript, what you need isn’t a glass of wine. You need a professional editor who can analyse the structure and creative workings of your manuscript while proffering easily-implementable solutions to matters arising.

You can select specific aspects of your work you would like checked out. A general check on various stylistic and structural elements (i.e writing style, voice, pacing, plot) can also be rendered. When I am done with your manuscript, you’ll understand the yays, nays and maybe’s of your manuscript as well as how to rework your story to make it a near perfect.
Want me to get your manuscript evaluated and save you tons in developmental editing fees?

Get across to me for a quote.

For more information about my author services, please send me an email to  jaachiwrites@gmail.com and I will be glad to help.

Note: You get a discount when you pay for two or more of these services at once.

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