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we are not the same in everything, and the few that remain is the variety that’s life’s beau…

Of 30, The Age And A Collection Of Poems

30 will tell the story of chaotic frailty, the never-ending war between multi-coloured-coated morals and prancing of the mind and how I take solace in words- that crevice of aloneness I crawl back to after the ovation fades and reality is stripped naked.


Solivagant comes from the Latin words “solus” meaning alone, and “vagans” meaning “wander.” There is something to be said about spending time outside in nature, alone.

The Correspondence

From me to God: Dear God, good dayWhy do I feel like you slept last night?While I slept, as the manner of men is,did you also lay down to sleep?It’s dawn, but look, the sun is gone.Not one bird tweet a song.The little plans I tried to carry through,they’ve failed.The tool I thought to use,they’re […]

I Am Because I Have A Father

Every father was once a boy. How well or badly the boy child is groomed will determine the kind of father he becomes. Fathers are men who have been threre for us when we need support and advice. They teach, they love, they support, they pick us up when we fall and give us the encouragement we need.

How To Market Yourself As A Poet

Marketing yourself as a poet may be a daunting task, but there are strategic steps you can take to be a successful poetprenuer, have your voice heard, put your name in print and tattooed in the hearts of every generation.

The Journey To Self

We are all on our own journeys and no one’s journey is more special or any more worthwhile than the next person’s. Know that if you break down it does not mean that you’re weak or that you’re not worthy.

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