Racism Is Madness

Racism Is Madness No sane earthling judges a car by the colour of it’s body but by the durability of it’s engine and whatever specs that lies in the inside and powers the car.  Humans are like cars, Lexus jeeps of different colour shades. Some black, some blue, some white, some ash, some a mix […]

Retracing Heritage

retracing heritage walls shall crack openthrough the cracks, illumination shall thrust through roofs shall cave inand form a warm hole that’ll suck in archaic beliefs grounds shall sinkand take with it the feet of those who led us astray on that day, when the son of manshall raise his middle fingerto rewrite opinions that amoebae-d […]

Write Me A Poem (VII): Shards, a poem by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

WRITE ME A POEM (VII): SHARDScontorted by wind, flawed as it is with my breedmere armatures for ice or snow,mere mortal munching incantations of gods unknown,like palm trees resolve to endure for now,the boisterous wind that caress their balls,i bend here, there, everywhere to the musical of the wind then, comes autumn, like leaves, I […]

For Ife Mi | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

IFE MI Ife mi, these lines are distorted distorted like my thoughts disjointed. On your face sits sadness Acute is your loneliness Fear of the unknown striped smiles off your face. Ife mi, can I clothe you back with smiles and happiness? I’m the reason for her fears and doubts, I know… no, I do […]

I Grew Up | Ugochukwu Damian Okpara

I GREW UPin me words were trapped; they couldn’t find their way outthey were prisoners locked up in my headso i grew up with tongue atrophied in my mouth once i’ve been told, ‘there’s a place in you where it is all alive’so i searched and i searched till i lurched and i lurchedthen on […]

Africans: The Triumph In Sight For Virtues Concealed | Usaefat Oyindamola

AFRICANS; TRIUMPH IN SIGHT FOR VIRTUES CONCEALEDThe mother land that instills in us spirited cultureWith varying smash of tonesRises in us concealed beauty from a toiling legacyDeprived and battered doesn’t begin to describe usFrom the rising of the sun to its setting Ceaseless attempts at survival has become our only mindset Striving to break from the holds […]

The Path we Walk | Oladeji Popoola

The Path We Walk This is the path,A path of silent rattle of a labouring mother,She died in thousand eyes. The path of rot fleshes and piteous infants of ‘milkless’ breast.Children! This is the path we walk….The path of our ancestral spirits,Of demons part without sacrifice of justice,The path gods and goddesses drew battle lines. […]

For The Street Boys | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 242: FOR THE STREET BOYSthere’s a boy floating down the streethis lanky arms dangling to the beats of his empty stomach he needs something he has his eyes fixed on nothingbecause mist of tearsoccupy his mind with a spiral of never ending sad tales he sees nothing nerves dead to hope, so much that […]

Believe | Ayouba Toure

BELIEVE Will thy ever believe,Ought I tell thou what my heart says.To meet your family, that I’m wholly ready.Ought I tell thou that our courtship,Never shall it be tarried.But would it not matter if I hath not.Ought I tell thou that my heart is bigger than the ocean,Would thy ever believe? Will thy truly believe,Ought […]

I Am Xenophobia | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

I AM XENOPHOBIAI am XenophobiaI hate my brotherI’ll untie mother’s wrapperI’ll break father’sWalking stickAnd stick(out)My head from the SouthLaughing to my delightWhile he stumbles in daylight. I am XenophobiaI envy my brotherWho walked from the WestTo come rescue meFrom the Whiteman’s grip.My brotherHe fought for me.A war I couldn’t win.My lean Uncle MandelaHe housedUnder the […]

Black Beauty of Africa – Odigili Henry

This is a poem written in admiration of  woman, a masterpiece of God creative work and a real symbol of black beauty. The writer was inspired by her beauty and the diligence of every black beauty of Africa. He is dedicating this poem to all women pursuing Godly lifestyles. BLACK BEAUTY OF AFRICA In your pictorial […]

Call For Submission | Anarchi

Do you know with just ONE poem (6-10 lines), you can be #10,000 richer? See this: Anarchi – preserving the individual freedom! Anarchi is a celebration of breakdown of social inhibition and restrictive values imposed on the individual will and freedom to live as one chooses. It is an attack on mores established to keep […]

The Less Privileged | Abubakr Shittu

The Less Privileged – Abubakr Shittu ‘less privileged’ …’better positions’ You complain awfully of your daily bread,  Never you consider those with little or nothing of what you are being fed,  You cry disdainfully when you are given rice, Persons are, eating food already trampled by mice.  You talk of pitiful pains when you have […]

Morountodun | Martins Deep

Morountodun Morountodun, this is the place you’ll find me like the prey of a shrike choked through by your thorny words When the chase after Omo Ogun with your heart Failed to be anything worthy to steal the cheapest glance from his hammer and anvil When the waist beads fails to be the skeleton key […]

The Epistle – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

THE EPISTLE To lost friends And gained fiends To severed bonds And closed doors To zonal restrictions And canal rejections I ink this piece. To distrust And stale love To myths And impotent gods To shattered dreams And untimely deaths I ink this poem. To drawn borders And conspiracy of silence To historical blunders And […]

Featured Poem: We’re Black and Proud – Akpofure Shedrack

Due to the Up surge in black maltreatment in Europe and America it has become imperative for me to lend my voice and speak out. we are blacks and should be proud of our heritage. Akpofure Shedrack Speaks On the issue. #BlackLivesMatter We’re Black and Proud After all is done and settled Remember we are blacks not dirt The […]

Whitewash Tombs – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

White Washed Tombs Men of dual tongues Coat of many colours Adapt to colours Faster than chameleons. Slippery like fishes Their tongues sweet Like stolen kisses. What are lies to the player? What are rules to the madman? Sheepy wolverines Slippery life lines. like two edged swords they kill two with a word tearing one […]

Featured Poem: Cry No More Child – Martins Deep

CRY NO MORE CHILD   ”You were born after rain” you were told by the grown ups that buried your umbilical cord Pointing you to a group of plantain trees in the backyard.   This is your birth story   Cradled safely in her arms She baptised you In the Jordan of her tears Whilst the priest […]

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