Of 30, The Age And A Collection Of Poems

30 will tell the story of chaotic frailty, the never-ending war between multi-coloured-coated morals and prancing of the mind and how I take solace in words- that crevice of aloneness I crawl back to after the ovation fades and reality is stripped naked.

Diary of a Broken Poet

I found solace in poetry. I confided in my diary, joked with it, scratched at it, came on it, cried to it and vented at it broken lines that morphed into poems.

Give Away Sweetness, a Collection of Poems

Hello, friends, if you are yet to get a copy of my book, ‘Sweetness’, I’m giving away a few copies on Instafreebie. What is Instafreebie? It is an eReader app. The Instafreebie app makes downloading new books from your favorite authors as simple as deciding what to read next! Find a free ebook, choose your […]

Update: AfriChant Anthology Submission Deadline Extended

After receiving complaints from poets that the time frame given for the submission is insufficient, we have decided to extend the deadline for submission till September 14, 2018. In other words, you have 16 days to write and submit. For Anthology guidelines, Click Here To submit your entry, Click Here for Submission Form Have you read […]

New Book Alert: Walking Through Memory Lane | by Inufin Ayomide d’great

Here’s a new one from one of Nigeria’s fine fingered fellows. He’s a poet passionate about modern day poetry, painting with words, societal happens and real life trends. Tittle: Walking Through Memory Lane Author: Inufin Ayomide d’great Book Price: #500 Genre: Poetry DESCRIPTION This anthology is based on the mindset of the poet who took […]

New Book Alert | Pun Poetry Anthology

A pun is a play on words which usually centres on a word with more than one meaning or the replacement of a homonym that changes the meaning of the sentence for humorous or rhetorical effect. It is produced by using a word that suggests two or more meanings or by exploiting similar sounding words […]

Call for Submission | AfriChant Anthology

The poet finds himself on this side of heaven called Africa and deeply falls in love with her. He embraces society with its ills and believes in the power of his ink to administer a panacea. Among all the different dimensions of pain that provokes his muse to action is the African child who is; […]

eBook: Diary of a Broken Poet

Diary of a Broken Poet is more than just a collection of poems written by the author on issues that affect him and us. This collection is a discourse between the poet and his readers, an intimate conversation which unveils the ‘beingness’ of the author and his unique perspective of life and living. In the […]

Sweetness, a collection of poems by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

Watch and share Sweetness promotional video below Today marks the official release of my book, ‘Sweetness’. It is a collection of poems nested in sweetness. Wondering what this sweetness thing is all about? Get yourself a copy 😘 Trust me, it’s a wordy ready worth the penny. To order for the eBook pay #200 to the […]

Sweetness: Download Links For Those Outside Nigeria

‘Sweetness’, a collection of 43 poems was birthed from a series of poems I scribbled while the ripple effect of a sweetness overdose lasted.  It’s a mixture of WOW! AWN! and AW! A great read, I guarantee you. For the sake of my fans and readers outside Nigeria, here are download links to my book […]

New Book Alert! Sweetness – a collection of poems by Stefn Sylvester

It’s my pleasure to announce the official launch of my second collection of poems ‘Sweetness’.  All thanks goes to God, who’s the first poet and punster ever liveth, never dieth. About Book: Sweetness is an affectionate name for someone I loved. She was everything sweet, so much I always nod my head (as if saying […]

Poetural Lifeotural(Collection of Poetry Works form Gifted Poets in Nigeria)

Poetural Lifeotural (Collection of Poetry Works form Gifted Poets in Nigeria) Poetural Lifeotural is a Collection of poetry works from selected gifted poets in Nigeria.  Led by Adedeji Oshigbesan, Poetural lifeotural is a title given to this beautiful art of words born out of a symbiotic fusion between the spiritual and the physical aspects of […]

Book Launch Alert! “Sweetness”

On several occasions, while sweetness lasted, friends and fans asked the following questions: “Hey Stefn, who’s Sweetness?”“What’s this Sweetness thing about?” Sweetness is an affectionate name for someone I once loved. She was everything sweet, so much I grin like a happy lad along with the elongated blink of her small eyes, while pouting out […]

Book Review by Ogwiji Ehi: Diary Of A Broken Poet

REVIEW OF ‘DIARY OF A BROKEN POET’ (A COLLECTION OF POEMS) BY STEFN SYLVESTER ANYATONWU Life breaks people, so much that quite a number of them, live, thinking death is its only break! DIARY of a BROKEN POET is a juicy attempt at recycling the same brokenness which leaves so many perching on the point […]

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