New Year, Old Me!

Identify the roads you took in the past year and don’t necessarily avoid them altogether this new year; instead, find better ways to go down the same road.


Personally, I oscillated between steadying my wings and braving the whirlwinds. That felt like digging my heels into quicksand.

I Am Because I Have A Father

Every father was once a boy. How well or badly the boy child is groomed will determine the kind of father he becomes. Fathers are men who have been threre for us when we need support and advice. They teach, they love, they support, they pick us up when we fall and give us the encouragement we need.

Of Guitar And The Boy Child

There’s something utterly captivating about the guitar that draws me in and hold me spellbound. It’s about the freedom, peace, and whole other level of cool; other instruments simply can’t compare.

January Fifteen: Nigeria and Biafra

Annually, in the history of Nigeria, the above mentioned date means two different things: To Nigerians, it is a day to mark the end of a civil war that started on July 6, 1967, and ended on January 15, 1970. It is also the day Nigeria’s first bloody coup happened.

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