How To Create Amazon Author Central Page

If you want to sell more books and get more exposure for your work on Amazon, one of the first things you need to do after each book becomes available for sale on Amazon is setup your Author Central page on Amazon. This free book will guide you through the process.

Diary of a Broken Poet

I found solace in poetry. I confided in my diary, joked with it, scratched at it, came on it, cried to it and vented at it broken lines that morphed into poems.

New eBook Alert! So You Want To Be A Poet (Series II)

So You Want To Be a Poet? I remember dressing up and whistling Don William’s ‘Jamaica’ while getting dressed up for a poetry get-together organized by FOS, Owerri chapter. I was feeling both anxious and intimidated at the same time, owing to the fact that I will be meeting poets I admire from a distance, […]

These Books Can Help Your Poetry Writing Skill

Ever felt out of place?  Have you ever wondered why you are thinking or feeling a certain way?  Ever been frustrated because your friends or partners couldn’t ever possibly understand you because you don’t even understand what is going through your head?  I have found that the best way to grasp internal turmoil is to […]

Interview with Agwam Kessington | Author of The Sons Of Hades

I started writing at a very young age. I wrote poems and gave it to people, I believed poems could make the world a better place and humans can be more happier. I still do.  Victoria B. Willie interviews Agwam Kessington, author of The Sons Of Hades, a crime thriller published by Poemify PublishersVictoria: So can you tell us a […]

New Book Alert | The Sons Of Hades by Agwam Kessington

A retired detective is faced with a deadly threat after coming out of retirement to find the link connecting the series of homicides occurring in the city of Lagos. He’s face with two decisions; to solve the case or lose his family. The Author: Agwam Kessington was born on the 24th of March 1999. He […]

Book Review: Broken | Christian Johnvian Ugochukwu

There comes a time in the life of every man when he feels he’s made grievous mistakes and has ugly which frowns against the possibilities of a new life.  Most times we desire to heal from the outside, trying so hard to find true happiness from the outside world.  Let this 97 pages book show […]

Book Review by Ogwiji Ehi: Diary Of A Broken Poet

REVIEW OF ‘DIARY OF A BROKEN POET’ (A COLLECTION OF POEMS) BY STEFN SYLVESTER ANYATONWU Life breaks people, so much that quite a number of them, live, thinking death is its only break! DIARY of a BROKEN POET is a juicy attempt at recycling the same brokenness which leaves so many perching on the point […]

Book Launch: You Are Loved And You Belong Here

Prose & Poetry Hood Publishers presents You Are Loved And You Belong Here, a collection of poems on the memories: perils, plights and pride of the writers’ homes. You Are Loved And You Belong Here is a rich collection of letters to the depressed, sad and lonely. It is the ray of hope at the […]

Sneak Peak: You Are Loved And You Belong Here

Lasting love has no boundaries or limitations. It seeks no reward for thriving in the imperfect nature of humanity, that which makes all of our personal connections so vastly unique. Real love triumphs over the most dangerous of evils; those that exist inside each and every one of us. The intricacies of who are intertwine […]

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