Of Depression And Suicide | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 357: long walk to nowherelost wars to no onelung worn by frostbitesboxed by his own fears and after a long stare at shooting starsBolade shut his aching eyescalling on dead gods like a dying priestdangling from his rope destination reached: his fearsconquered in the cold hands of death #365DaysOfPoetry#Pengician #SSA Enjoyed reading? Please leave […]

The Death Of Gods | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

Poets are gods but die like humans. I stumbled into this poem, I wrote four years ago. It is centered around poets being gods and how sadly immortal they are. The prominent theme of pessimism in the piece poses serious concern and disturbance. It’s appalling in that it depicts the total end of fellow god. Let’s dive into it […]

Because I’m Not Forever | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 219: BECAUSE I’M NOT FOREVER like the dinosaurs, I’ll some day, be gone so, I wrote this thinking of the lonely days that will crawl by when I’m gone         I leave stories of you and I         in lines and verses so you don’t cry when I’m […]

How Do You Define Genocide? John Chizoba Vincent

HOW DO YOU DEFINE GENOCIDE?  With your father’s skull rolling on the  ground bitterly as you watched blood  dripping down from his nose & the  enemy made you blasphemed against  his name, how do you define genocide?  Is it from the Bible or from the Koran?  Is it from the Jos killing or the Lagos […]

Letter From Super Eagles | Eduoe Ndifreke

“Letter From Super Eagles”You adorned our vigorous framesWith jerseys so woefully-beautifulSent us to the fieldTo dribble against the whiteThen planned a grievous celebrationFor our victory,And we never knew… So while our strengths fed your ego,You plotted a bloody soccer game in our homeland,Turned our farmlands into football fieldsEmployed animals as your playersMade herdsmen your referees,Their […]

And Benue’s Tears Cried | John Chizoba Vincent

And Benue’s Tears CriedLet’s create two cities: death and tears,We’ll name our tears shitholes because we’ve forgotten why we were called so by he whom power rests on his shoulders.These memories of ours we titled death are fragments of our mistakes left in the bodies of innocent Benue.Let’s bake this situation in hundred feet fold […]

Death – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 154: DEATH I am free falling, gasping for water in the air. I am deep drowning, panting for air underwater. My dreams are wet on dry lands and my lungs an air of water. I’ll ease my spirit into the air I’ll drown and leave my body here. #356DaysOfPoetry #Pengician #SSA Enjoyed reading? Please […]

Melancholia – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 112: MELANCHOLIA I hear a dirge of birds Sweeping down like windstorms raising doubts and dust as it whoosh along. Can feel depths of dissatisfaction Hanging loosely on every note Dropping to a descendo  itching my ears piercing my spines with the sweet pain that tags along when one swallows a honey bee and […]

Sad Poem

POEM 23: SAD POEM This poem begins with a sigh dangling from line one. It crawls down the next line on bleeding knees  and chopped fingers Dripping tears on blood stained stairs. This poem is the shadow that lurks behind close doors counting ceiling. A crying beauty, she is. Bent like an old lady Broken […]

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