New Book Alert | The Sons Of Hades by Agwam Kessington

A retired detective is faced with a deadly threat after coming out of retirement to find the link connecting the series of homicides occurring in the city of Lagos. He’s face with two decisions; to solve the case or lose his family. The Author: Agwam Kessington was born on the 24th of March 1999. He […]

New Book Alert: Walking Through Memory Lane | by Inufin Ayomide d’great

Here’s a new one from one of Nigeria’s fine fingered fellows. He’s a poet passionate about modern day poetry, painting with words, societal happens and real life trends. Tittle: Walking Through Memory Lane Author: Inufin Ayomide d’great Book Price: #500 Genre: Poetry DESCRIPTION This anthology is based on the mindset of the poet who took […]

New Book Alert | Pun Poetry Anthology

A pun is a play on words which usually centres on a word with more than one meaning or the replacement of a homonym that changes the meaning of the sentence for humorous or rhetorical effect. It is produced by using a word that suggests two or more meanings or by exploiting similar sounding words […]

Favourite Accident | Download Sweetness: a collection of poems

Title: Favorite AccidentBook: SweetnessAuthor: Stefn Sylvester AnyatonwuPrice: 200 NairaFormat: eBook [Favorite Accident] Sweetness, I had stumbled into that day all fresh and fly. I had told that man in the mirror“Hey buddy, wear you a smile” And like after storm rainbowI stepped into the dayAll fresh and fly The roads were smoothNo single gap tooth […]

Orange Moon | Download Free Fiction eBook by Priye Bokumo

Safe in her bed with her hymen broken, her heart could be next but the thought never crossed her mind, rather she busied herself in recollecting moments of the sex. She’d hoped her first time would be one of pleasures but never expected to get ‘raptured’. Cuddling her pillow she listened to Logic’s Broken People, […]

eBook: Diary of a Broken Poet

Diary of a Broken Poet is more than just a collection of poems written by the author on issues that affect him and us. This collection is a discourse between the poet and his readers, an intimate conversation which unveils the ‘beingness’ of the author and his unique perspective of life and living. In the […]

Sweetness: Download Links For Those Outside Nigeria

‘Sweetness’, a collection of 43 poems was birthed from a series of poems I scribbled while the ripple effect of a sweetness overdose lasted.  It’s a mixture of WOW! AWN! and AW! A great read, I guarantee you. For the sake of my fans and readers outside Nigeria, here are download links to my book […]

New Book Alert! Sweetness – a collection of poems by Stefn Sylvester

It’s my pleasure to announce the official launch of my second collection of poems ‘Sweetness’.  All thanks goes to God, who’s the first poet and punster ever liveth, never dieth. About Book: Sweetness is an affectionate name for someone I loved. She was everything sweet, so much I always nod my head (as if saying […]

New Book Alert! Files Of The Heart – by Iwu Jeff

Iwu Jeff- FILES OF THE HEART (a novel) Book DescriptionShackled by fear, Chinwe Obinna’s second to none, reminiscences the tales of her life, filed away in her heart. Her life is woven and shaped by her brother’s scratch of love, living objectively in a society where moral decadence, terrorism, conflict, killings and kidnapping threaten the […]

New Book Alert! The Thing Between My Legs – by Micheal Ace

Today marks the official release of Micheal Ace’s book collection. From The Author: This is a collection of some nonfictional short stories that make up the memories that made me. A big thank you to Stefn, for the design, the publisher, Dwarts, and people who define the space I breed in: John Chizoba Vincent, Ben Sam, Ola […]

Poetural Lifeotural(Collection of Poetry Works form Gifted Poets in Nigeria)

Poetural Lifeotural (Collection of Poetry Works form Gifted Poets in Nigeria) Poetural Lifeotural is a Collection of poetry works from selected gifted poets in Nigeria.  Led by Adedeji Oshigbesan, Poetural lifeotural is a title given to this beautiful art of words born out of a symbiotic fusion between the spiritual and the physical aspects of […]

Book Review: Broken | Christian Johnvian Ugochukwu

There comes a time in the life of every man when he feels he’s made grievous mistakes and has ugly which frowns against the possibilities of a new life.  Most times we desire to heal from the outside, trying so hard to find true happiness from the outside world.  Let this 97 pages book show […]

Book Launch Alert! “Sweetness”

On several occasions, while sweetness lasted, friends and fans asked the following questions: “Hey Stefn, who’s Sweetness?”“What’s this Sweetness thing about?” Sweetness is an affectionate name for someone I once loved. She was everything sweet, so much I grin like a happy lad along with the elongated blink of her small eyes, while pouting out […]

Published: Love Struck (anthology of poems)

Love is undoubtedly humankind’s most exploited subject matter. And yet every year,  all year round, the reproduction of “love” in art, literature, music, and a diverse array of many other fields, continues as if the subject, after all this time, has yet to be exhausted.  14th February, the traditional celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day guarantees that […]

SSA Launches New App

It’s with pleasure I announce the release of a stable version of SSA android app. No more crashing issues. All bugs fixed. Amazing things happen around you every day. Hear and read the stories from real poets and writers that experienced them.  What’s new? SSA newsfeed Direct Tweets from the app Access to SSA Facebook […]

Update: Wet Heavens by Nwankwo Prosper (Download link error corrected)

Prose & Poetry Hood presents Wet Heavens, a collection of poems on love, romance and sex. Click HERE to Download eBook  Wet Heavens is a rich collection of poetica crafted with poetic ingenuity. The poet paints erotic lines with wet ink for lovers of the apple of love. You can’t resist it. The bliss is heavenly. The author, NWANKWO PROSPER O. is […]