Ediye Series || Let Me Caress You With My Eyes

Ediye Series: Let Me Caress You With My Eyes whenever i look you in the eyei see a ray of sunshinestreaming down on mewith joy and laughterbut there’s more that I’m after let me caress you with my eyes,ediye mmi whenever i let my fingers wanderdown south your country sideyou glow resplendenceand welcome my prying […]

Ediye Series: thorns on my balls

thorns on my balls ediye mmi, i want to wear your love like a pendant, on the contours of my heart but why do you sit like a crown of thorns on my balls? #Pengician #SSA Enjoyed reading? Please leave a comment and share with friends. Thank you! 

Ediye Series: Lovers And Louvres

Ediye Series: Lovers And Louvres ediye mmi, if our love is a window we’d be louvres we’d open and closeopen… i’d be open to your corrections of love so that the rays of light would stream into my darkest parts because, like vampires, my weakness cannot withstand the light of love you’d be receptive, taking […]

Write Me A Poem (X): …but you never wrote me one

…but you never wrote me one ediye mmi, sometimes, going home isn’t always returning to a place where a roof shields your head from the lonesomeness that lurk in the dark; it is returning to yourself, the one who never leaves when they’re all gone sometimes, silence makes lonesomeness unbearable it echoes back cremated memories, […]

Write Me A Poem (VIII): Ruby

WRITE ME A POEM (VIII): RUBY she calls me ruby, like the fluid of life that run her veins, she said I am precious stone on which the foundation of her heart is laid she calls me ruby, the jewel that gunned her down, drew her eyes, heart, to it’s glistering goodness, and pegged her […]

Ediye Series (III) : Diving Deep

EDIYE SERIES (III) : DIVING DEEP Ediye, do you know my heart has no hearth, my words wound not and my thrusts are turgid trusts that never fall flaccid to toxic words? So, look me in the eyes and drown in the ocean of my desires, though blue the sea you see and deep the […]

Ediye Series (II) : Light Of Love

LIGHT OF LOVE Ediye mmi a lamp dangles loosely glowing in the dark the lamp is invisible to my eyes it’s dancing flame catches my eyes the current of her—the flame— flows into my curious eyes, slashing through darkness with burning passion, it hits me—the depth of me— generating a heat candescent, on that same […]

Ediye Series (I): Ediye Mmi | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 358: EDIYE MMI (MY BEAUTIFUL ONE) Ediye mmi  ató ke idim áwere ake duk inyang  (from the river you’re flowing to the sea) emptying yourself into me like the river to the sea drawing me deeper still into the wetness of your arms Ediye mmi I am the fire and you’re the candlestick I […]

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