You Girl, Are Priceless: For Chinny

Growing up a girl is not easy. You’re teased because you’re not the prettiest nor the smartest nor the sexiest.  Boys pick on you because society tells them that’s acceptable behavior. You can’t walk down the sidewalk without being constantly paranoid of your surroundings and just who might be watching you.  You’re seen as a […]

We Are One

Where does my mind end  and yours begin?  In your heart? Mine? Where does my body end  and yours begin?  Between the legs? On our lips? Are there limits to my finger tips  and borders to your skin? I want to scale the fence of your abstinence defense and drop a cone full of honeycomb. Why […]

Book Review by Ogwiji Ehi: Diary Of A Broken Poet

REVIEW OF ‘DIARY OF A BROKEN POET’ (A COLLECTION OF POEMS) BY STEFN SYLVESTER ANYATONWU Life breaks people, so much that quite a number of them, live, thinking death is its only break! DIARY of a BROKEN POET is a juicy attempt at recycling the same brokenness which leaves so many perching on the point […]

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