Of Fear And Indecision | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 290: OF FEAR AND INDECISION My feet is unsteadythough the music is not yet ready My heart trembles at the silent callsof fear. Who knows what lurks out there? When the drum rolls, will my feebleness survive the fall? What if the prayer I prayfeeds the fear I fear? My feet is unsteadystand,run,I don’t […]

Darkness | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 264: DARKNESSthat scary moment when time stands,on one foot like an ostrich,while earth takes a break and spin no more on her axis you curl into a ball, like a scared porcupine,the spikes erect on your back, in vain, scares your fear, darkness looms,staring at you with the eyes of the moon, and it […]

Shadows – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 104: SHADOWS When I was four in nightfall frightened, I’d cry and run to mother when my shadow appear. When I was fourteen Darkness scare me But when light comes on From my shadow, I run. I’m past twenty four and I fear shadows no more Darkness is now a beautiful shade of black […]

To The Lady Whose Heart I Never Had

TO THE LADY WHOSE HEART I NEVER HAD Dear Friend, I never expressed this to you, but I love you.I love seeing you day in and day out while we each go on with our college careers. It doesn’t matter if it is early in the morning, going to or from class, at the hotel […]

Di Fronte Alle Tue Paure (Facing My Own Fears)

POEM 47: Di Fronte Alle Tue Paure (Facing My Own Fears) I told them to face their fears. They did and won.  Now I’m faced by my fears  I turn around and run.  I told them to embrace their demons They did and made peace. Now I’m visited by my own demons  I fight them and […]

We Are Here

RnB soul pianist and singer Alicia Keys song “We Are Here” is a unifying anthem addressing all the negative happenings in the world right now, from Baghdad, to Gaza, to Israel, to Nigeria, to the Chinatowns and Harlems of planet earth. Alicia’s inspiration for “We Are Here” came from a simple question someone put forth. The […]

Whispering Night – Duet by Ayobami Ayanfemi & Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

Sound rattling and rabbiting, whirling and hissing, moaning and sobbing  in pleasure and pain Torrents trampling on rooftops Like vultures in love Dancing to the waste line Of beats on your waistline Torturing my hairstyle Twisting my royal band, Milling watery salt with rancorous smile  into my running engine. Hissing eyes Whispering legs Confusion resides  […]

Paint The Smile In Me

I am a million shades of grey The day I became earthling Rainbow rejected my name. Stubble, stalk and hay nourish me all day. Where fear sends, I go What hurt feeds, I swallow Call me King of abysmal lows Bet you already know. Why are my bones visible? I had a beef with sinews. […]

Letter To My Son

Dear Son Try to forget that nothing waits in the dark, raise your shoulder high wave off the frea and step into that lane. Won’t you rather be gone in there than stay out here playing the coward? Get up now, son everyone falls. #Pengician #SSA http://bit.ly/2haEhoj

This Writing Thingy: Does It Really Pay?

Duty calls but the voices in my head would rather I lend my ears, heart and finger to their dictate. “Shut up, and go to sleep!” I yelled at my characters. “Why?” the protagonist queried  “I need to sleep” I babble back “But you created us” argued the newest character. “We just need you to […]

I put FEAR on notice!

I put FEAR on notice!  During meditation tonight,  I’m f*cking you up  and putting you out! You have lived here rent-free for far too long!  GET OUT!!!!


As yet, my love. As yet… For I believe in the power of love,  and the magnetic draw of planets to their orbits.  And you are drawn to encircle me  as I am drawn to encircle you.  Encircle each other we will forever,  for our orbits are bound to one another’s pull. #Pengician #SSA

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