May We Always Remember, by John Chizoba Vincent

May We Always Remember, by John Chizoba Vincent MAY WE ALWAYS REMEMBER The black cat came again. You know Grandpa told us last time that black cats especially, symbolize evil. When it came, it went towards the shrine. It looked at the tallest wooden goddess, then to the gods at the dark side of the […]

We Should All Be Writers, by John Chizoba Vincent

WE SHOULD ALL BE WRITERS (FACEBOOK WRITERS’ PHENOMENON) In many cities of the world, especially the under developing countries, writers have been subject of abuse, neglect, exploitation and even in extreme cases murdered by evil critics who doesn’t critique constructively. These writers, expected mirrors through which we see the society or rather the eyes of […]

Call For Submission: Love Struck Anthology

Love is undoubtedly humankind’s most exploited subject matter. And yet every year, all year round, the reproduction of “love” in art, literature, music, and a diverse array of many other fields, continues as if the subject, after all this time, has yet to be exhausted.  This month, the traditional celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day guarantees […]

Born-To-Obey [B.O.R.N.O] by Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

BORN-to-Obey (B.O.R.N.O)  Burn,  Open old wounds, Rain careless bullets, Never surrender territories, Obliterate peace with violence This is the present state of B.O.R.N. O This should not be waved aside when a lot of people die by the side. This should not form a campaign song when a lot has prevented us getting along. This […]

Annus Mirabilis (For Stefn), By Nnamdi Elekwachi

My friend wrote consistently poem for each day until he had 365 for the year 2018, a task he undertook. I looked for a way of celebrating this and penned this few lines for him. Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu, this is my laurel wreath for your poetic head, do sir, wear it. Congrats! – Nnamdi Elekwachi  Annus Mirabilis […]

Featured Article | Quicken Us, by Paul Albert

QUICKEN US So will not we go back from thee: quicken us, and we will call upon thy name. KJV Then will we not depart from you; revive us (give us life) and we will call upon Your name. Amp – Psalms 80 vs. 18. Ever watched a movie where your favorite actor was beaten to […]

SSA Shortlisted | African Literature Blog Award

I’m excited, my blog has been selected as one of the Top 50 African Literature Blogs on the web by Feed Spot. I received the email notification last week Friday, but I was too busy to read it. I just did, and here’s what they have to say. “I personally give you a high-five and want to […]

Libidinous Is Your Muse | Nnamdi Elekwachi

My birthday was few days ago (Monday 5th, November), and a friend dedicated this beautiful piece of poetry to me.  Couldn’t help but share. I hope you have a good read. Libidinous Is Your Muse (For Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu) I know not yet any better, young headStill far from twilight with light-years Whose span not halved, […]

Which Way | Upp. G

For Naija, any which way na way, but unto sey we no wan loss, we kukuma carry waka sidan for house. Who waka epp? – Stefn Sylvester Anaytonwu WHICH WAY? E don tey wey I de pray make Jah show me the way; But e be like say Jah compass no de behave. I no go […]

I Grew Up | Ugochukwu Damian Okpara

I GREW UPin me words were trapped; they couldn’t find their way outthey were prisoners locked up in my headso i grew up with tongue atrophied in my mouth once i’ve been told, ‘there’s a place in you where it is all alive’so i searched and i searched till i lurched and i lurchedthen on […]

Africans: The Triumph In Sight For Virtues Concealed | Usaefat Oyindamola

AFRICANS; TRIUMPH IN SIGHT FOR VIRTUES CONCEALEDThe mother land that instills in us spirited cultureWith varying smash of tonesRises in us concealed beauty from a toiling legacyDeprived and battered doesn’t begin to describe usFrom the rising of the sun to its setting Ceaseless attempts at survival has become our only mindset Striving to break from the holds […]

The Path we Walk | Oladeji Popoola

The Path We Walk This is the path,A path of silent rattle of a labouring mother,She died in thousand eyes. The path of rot fleshes and piteous infants of ‘milkless’ breast.Children! This is the path we walk….The path of our ancestral spirits,Of demons part without sacrifice of justice,The path gods and goddesses drew battle lines. […]

Become A Positive Impactor | John Uchenna Uzoma (Kelly JUUZ)

BECOME THE POSITIVE IMPACTOR Guest post by John Uchenna Uzoma. Wonderful greetings to you, before this brief moment. I believe you have started rumbling thoughts in you over the above topic, under today’s WEEKEND MEALS. This topic, is boiling down to those who has already discovered, pretested and rejuvenated their destiny in various professional fields […]

Night Is A Woman | Chukwu, Emmanuel C

NIGHT IS A WOMAN Sometimes, you may not understand, Why you wake up to a familiar touch, Yet having no memory of falling asleep. You’re asking your mother of this warmth when, You seek after this woman. Today, she is with you and in you; wearing black, You’re leaving your house and, Moving outside your […]

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