Silence | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 291: SILENCE I read her eyes likeparagraphs of unspoken wordsbereft of punctuation, her tears flowfrom the top of the pageto the bottom of the samefor she have not much to saywith words her tears isa stream of roaring silence. Beautiful as it seems, this silence of hers,voice in a deep sleep,lost in groanings unheardfor […]

For The Girl Child | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 282: GIRL CHILD (for the international day of the girl child)to star on her hero stagesother than scar her beautiful what sin is it? to wish our girls what I wish our boys what sin is it? to sing same solemn songs to her,which we whisper to our boys what sin is it? to […]

Night Is A Woman | Chukwu, Emmanuel C

NIGHT IS A WOMAN Sometimes, you may not understand, Why you wake up to a familiar touch, Yet having no memory of falling asleep. You’re asking your mother of this warmth when, You seek after this woman. Today, she is with you and in you; wearing black, You’re leaving your house and, Moving outside your […]

Of Misogyny and Whatever | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 170: OF MISOGYNY AND WHATEVER In the world of man, the other has no say, It’s an ancient ritual, she bears the blame. Wasn’t Eden immaculate before she splashed the stain? So he stands saint like a paradox of pain! From faith, to fear, to what she should She’s made to believe to be […]

Featured Poem: Cry No More Child – Martins Deep

CRY NO MORE CHILD   ”You were born after rain” you were told by the grown ups that buried your umbilical cord Pointing you to a group of plantain trees in the backyard.   This is your birth story   Cradled safely in her arms She baptised you In the Jordan of her tears Whilst the priest […]

Home Wherever – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 113: HOME WHEREVER Crestfallen She walks aloneHer tearsHer fearsShe both implodeWho would believe her tale if told?Who would believe this warmth is cold?She knows home is just a stone throwBut the chip’s fallenOff she dashes into the woodsWhere flowering trees and fruitless thornsMay pierce her bare soul until it burstsInto a shower of tears […]

On Lies, Rape and Threats – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

On Lies, Rape and Threats What lie do you tell your conscience when truth pleaded on knees bended? Have you managed to deceive it too? How do you curve your lips when in betrayal kiss the innocent girl kid? Have you managed to twist the tale? What more harm? How many more? When, oh heartless […]

My Vero

MY VERO My Vero, in you I’ve found the perfect friend Someone I’m sure will be there till the end It is not just a thought I hope to fulfill The sweet memories you embed in my heart, are thoughts that will stand forever still even after earth meets its prime. My Vero, As the […]

I Was There All The Time

POEM 59: I WAS THERE ALL THE TIME It’s been a while,  oh daughter of lights You’ve been searching for peace  in some void. Woods with the hunter forest boy Desert with a peasant Arabian boy Glaciers with a savage Eskimo You’ve searched in seasons harsh You’ve searched in seasons mild Nothing found Void still […]

Sad Poem

POEM 23: SAD POEM This poem begins with a sigh dangling from line one. It crawls down the next line on bleeding knees  and chopped fingers Dripping tears on blood stained stairs. This poem is the shadow that lurks behind close doors counting ceiling. A crying beauty, she is. Bent like an old lady Broken […]

It’s Dark In Here

It’s dark in here She’s in a sea of dark She doubts She fears It’s dark in here She thinks strange things Which she dare not tell Lest her soul fly And her body die. It’s dark in here She’s been through hell. Aye! She lives in hell So believe her When she looks into […]

Hang The Rapist: A True Rape Story

‘Who be the bagga wey rape you?’ She was obviously furious, clench fist ready to punch the rapist right on the face if opportune. I giggled and gestured to a seat.  ‘Please sit down. ’tis a thing of the past and I got over it’ ‘Didn’t really knew guys could be raped’ she said whilst […]

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