dear me

dear me, why do you think about the moments that would succeed your departure? why do you feel more clarity than you’ve have never felt after birth in the beautiful […]

Since Your Left

since you left… our bed hurts without you no music in the bathroom our room mourns the death of your moans home is now a hut of howling hollow hearts […]

Keep Me Safe

Keep Me Safe till the storm passes over keep me safe from caving in till the thunder roar no more keep me safe from imploding till the clouds take a […]

You’d Still Be Lost

You’d Still Be Lost you’d stare at your diary like a hungry street boy lost in thought you’d invoke words in your subconscious but they will appear clad in insibidi […]

i rose from torn rags

i rose from torn rags give me your names and I will write someday what my heart knows exists but cannot feelwith words hopeless, scattered letters on a canvaslike poor […]

Sour Love Is Like Old Clothes

Sour Love Is Like Old ClothesErimma, I learnt a something new. I’ll tell you… to keep all your old friends is like keeping all your old clothes,pretty soon your closet is so […]

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