Igbo Cheta

Igbo Chetaalthough the freedom sought and fought for is yet to be gained, they fought so you could be here today, igbo cheta they laid down their lives and exposed the ‘one nigeria’ lies so you could have a harmonized voice and kinsmen to back you up whenever the enemy remind you of how much […]

We Remember

Today, I Remember the Victims of the Biafran War of 1967-1970.We dedicate this day to the millions of lives that were puffed into air like cigar, during the Biafran rage They said ‘time is supposed to heal us.’ But we are made sick the more on a daily, by horrid memories of the past and […]

May We Always Remember, by John Chizoba Vincent

May We Always Remember, by John Chizoba Vincent MAY WE ALWAYS REMEMBER The black cat came again. You know Grandpa told us last time that black cats especially, symbolize evil. When it came, it went towards the shrine. It looked at the tallest wooden goddess, then to the gods at the dark side of the […]

Ohamadike | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 257: OHAMADIKE (For Nnamdi Kanu)Cowards kept mum in the face of tyrannyYou didn’t.Indecisive folks played hide and seek,You didn’t.Elders ‘so called’ ate fat and belched loudly,You didn’t. The ignorant ones may condemn you and say all manner of ill about you but my pen, like a book of remembrance, shall remember youand write all […]

Python Dance | John Chizoba Vincent

PYTHON DANCE after Odumegwu Ojukwuafter Chinua Achebe after Christopher Okigbo after Dele Giwaafter Kofi Awoonorafter Kwame Nkrumah after Ngugi Wa Thiong’oafter Nelson Mandela after Wole Soyinka after Leopold Senghor after Flora Nwapa I am part of this ancestry black struggle For Africa to be reckoned in the worldnot of ancient historical context of backwardness but […]

He Won’t Bend – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 144: HE WON’T BEND It’s easy to tell the bereaved how not to cry when the death of his loved one is your design. It’s easy to hush the hungry kid and deny him his sweet biscuit when in your hand is that same whip that flogged his father to his grave. You tell […]

Average Igbo Boy – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 92: AVERAGE IGBO BOY He saunters from map to map mapping out stratagem hoping end will meet it’s means more meat, rice, beans for friends and family, and more for you who tags him scum. But he’s an average Igbo boy. He spreads his wings out wide across ethnic divides Up North,  Westward,  even […]


POEM 52: ZOO Once upon a timeThere arose in the land of the Burnt FacedA man fair and madWhose rants made elders ladsAnd lads elders On the rooftop of the Queen’s CastleHis voice echoed and turbans rattleHe lamented of flesh eating cattleHe raised a flag that died in battle Once upon a time he washed […]


POEM 29: OMALICHA Omalicha, I’ll come to you. The first daughter of Mazi Okaka, beautiful and ebony full of contours and beauty. The elders call you, ‘asampete nwa’, parents call you, ‘ugonnaya’, your mates call you, ‘nwamma’. Every man wants to call you ‘obim’. I don’t want to call you names, I want you to […]

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