Reflecting on the birth of Christ, the reason he came and what doom awaits whoever treats his love like a piece of rag, I prayed to not be found among them who refused the dawn he brought with him – salvation. May I be not among those who was opposed the glowing grace of the son of God.

Ballon d’Or

  Ballon d’Or   because i know my days are numbered like football jersey i run with the single purpose of netting the ball in the net   soon, this 90 years of running around the sales pitch   hustling from post to post   dribbling past obstacles swift and slow   falling on hay […]


Restraint   accusing fingers,curious eyes,hushed voicescome crashing in like raging wavesknocking off the shadowsof self-control. you shut your eyesand let the mayhem slow fadeand drown in your yesteryears in the scent of akara frying by the roadside,the faint tick-tock, tick-tockof your neighbour’s grandfather clock.and the rushing sound of waterdown the drainto Aba river. in the […]

Igbo Cheta

Igbo Chetaalthough the freedom sought and fought for is yet to be gained, they fought so you could be here today, igbo cheta they laid down their lives and exposed the ‘one nigeria’ lies so you could have a harmonized voice and kinsmen to back you up whenever the enemy remind you of how much […]

Diary Of A Pastor’s Son (IV) || Because My Pastor Do Not Know It All

BECAUSE MY PASTOR DON’T KNOW IT ALL Be flexible in your opinions, thoughts, religiosity and churchiness. This, apparently, is what my pastor lacks. We live in a world that’s fast changing. A world where cultures are shifting and technological advancement is taking a leap. Yet, a certain preacher man has decided to sink his pious […]

dear me

dear me, why do you think about the moments that would succeed your departure? why do you feel more clarity than you’ve have never felt after birth in the beautiful peace that succeeds death? why? you will not be freed from the voices,  from the pain,  from yourself you’ll get trapped,  as always,  in the […]

Since Your Left

since you left… our bed hurts without you no music in the bathroom our room mourns the death of your moans home is now a hut of howling hollow hearts there’s absence of laughter even the city’s lost its fiesta and life is now lifeless since you left #WeShallFindJoy #Pengician

Dreams Come True, Right?

The one country I’d love to visit or live in outside Nigeria is Jamaica. It used to be the Bahamas though, but for Rihanna and her shakara. Mtchew! So, option two: Jamaica! YES! I love the island of Rastafarians.  Do I hear an invitation to come over and read/perform my works?  And there will be […]

The Love You Give

The love you give… Last night, while chatting with a friend, I could feel the texture of her mood. It was dark. Rough. Unexciting. Sad. Inasmuch as I don’t like phone calls, I decided to ring her cellphone. Perhaps my voice, which she’s come to love, might massage the muscles of her mind until a […]

12 Ways to Promote Your eBook on Facebook

To sell books, you need to find more readers. Spreading the word about your eBook can be challenging, but there are a lot of ways you can promote yourself and promote your eBook on Facebook. Set up landing pages to link to from your Facebook posts:  When people see and click on your book promotion Facebook posts, […]

You’re Loved & You Belong Here

You deserve to be loved not only by those around you but by the most important person in your life — YOU. Practicing self-love can be challenging for many of us, especially in times when we face serious challenges.

shy, a poem

bashful, timid, quiet. shy If anyone you know has used these terms to describe you, you’re probably a bit shy. Everyone feels that way once in a while. Shyness and social anxiety are common, no matter how old you are. There is one myth about social anxiety and social anxiety disorder that I would like to […]

Change Of Name

The website at “” has been renamed to ““. This will also mean that, effective immediately, intangible internet properties of the site named after Stefn Sylvester will be renamed to Jaachi Writes (including its social media handles, pages, and profiles where applicable).  – Jaachi Anyatonwu

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