Reflecting on the birth of Christ, the reason he came and what doom awaits whoever treats his love like a piece of rag, I prayed to not be found among them who refused the dawn he brought with him – salvation. May I be not among those who was opposed the glowing grace of the son of God.


as the holidays approach,
and we chorus noels in church
let us remember the reason
for this festive season

Ailing Faith

Ailing Faith in nights like this, i look at the stars and wonder if they are your eyes or just glowing ashes of your fading existence; dear god, you died […]

Mark Chapter Two, Verse Thirteen

Mark Chapter Two, Verse Thirteen  He bore my cross accepted my curse I’m sold out to His course. Storms may assault me I’ll follow on clinging dearly to His promise. Where […]

Sunday Musing || The Broken Painting

The Broken Painting Once upon a time, a well known painter was finishing his painting. It’s an incredibly beautiful painting to be shown during Princess Diana’s marriage. The painter was […]

The Glory of Spring

The Glory of Spring I opened up the door this morning and did a little jig. I smiled at the falling rain even though the drops were big. Those drops […]

The Lord Shall Deliver

THE LORD SHALL DELIVER “On mount Zion there shall be deliverance” – Obadiah 1:17 When the roof of protection cave in and the walls come crumbling when the foundations of […]

My Soul’s Cry

I come on my knees with ruffled feathers and broken wings knocked off the sky by boisterous winds, teach me to fly and never come back down.

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