Personally, I oscillated between steadying my wings and braving the whirlwinds. That felt like digging my heels into quicksand.

dear me

dear me, why do you think about the moments that would succeed your departure? why do you feel more clarity than you’ve have never felt after birth in the beautiful peace that succeeds death? why? you will not be freed from the voices,  from the pain,  from yourself you’ll get trapped,  as always,  in the […]


Stephanie,  don’t let no one despise you keep you head up high don’t lose yourself to another’s shadow be you and whenever you do that dance, do you may your new age brew beautiful memories #Pengician

from ‘sonless’ father to his fatherless son

from ‘sonless’ father to his fatherless son dear son, when next your heartbeat stutter at the sight of a beautiful flower, pause, then hold your breathe for a second zoom in on her petals look, no, stare closer do not dwell on the beautiful fragrance that assault your nasals look, no, stare closer find a […]

To The Lady Whose Heart I Never Had

TO THE LADY WHOSE HEART I NEVER HAD Dear Friend, I never expressed this to you, but I love you.I love seeing you day in and day out while we each go on with our college careers. It doesn’t matter if it is early in the morning, going to or from class, at the hotel […]

You Girl, Are Priceless: For Chinny

Growing up a girl is not easy. You’re teased because you’re not the prettiest nor the smartest nor the sexiest.  Boys pick on you because society tells them that’s acceptable behavior. You can’t walk down the sidewalk without being constantly paranoid of your surroundings and just who might be watching you.  You’re seen as a […]

Love Die Nasty

Kings have thrones, Queens have thrones… but yours is the spongy crimson thing hidden in the cleft of my ribs. Duchess of my kingdom, Essence of my lovelorn… For the dame who is become my worst habit; this is for you, I want you to share this sentiment and take from it what you see […]

Letter To My Son

Dear Son Try to forget that nothing waits in the dark, raise your shoulder high wave off the frea and step into that lane. Won’t you rather be gone in there than stay out here playing the coward? Get up now, son everyone falls. #Pengician #SSA http://bit.ly/2haEhoj

A Note On Masked Personalities

If the entire world’s a stage, then it’s nice to be able to recognize the other actors. “God has given you one face and you made yourself another”, Hamlet says to Ophelia. There are two sides to us all: The person we are and the person we pretend to be – This is confusing enough […]

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