i am a poet

An archaeologist is the best husband any woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.


Love is like Chinaware, shiny, beautiful often broken and rarely lasts. Love is a special breed of coward steps out for war, but melts in the sun. Love is a bouquet of flowers of roses red and daisies violet Love blooms and blushes in the dew but wilts and decays, just like you. Love is […]

Since Your Left

since you left… our bed hurts without you no music in the bathroom our room mourns the death of your moans home is now a hut of howling hollow hearts there’s absence of laughter even the city’s lost its fiesta and life is now lifeless since you left #WeShallFindJoy #Pengician

The Love You Give

The love you give… Last night, while chatting with a friend, I could feel the texture of her mood. It was dark. Rough. Unexciting. Sad. Inasmuch as I don’t like phone calls, I decided to ring her cellphone. Perhaps my voice, which she’s come to love, might massage the muscles of her mind until a […]

Ediye Series || Let Me Caress You With My Eyes

Ediye Series: Let Me Caress You With My Eyes whenever i look you in the eyei see a ray of sunshinestreaming down on mewith joy and laughterbut there’s more that I’m after let me caress you with my eyes,ediye mmi whenever i let my fingers wanderdown south your country sideyou glow resplendenceand welcome my prying […]

how to make music

how to make music draft the lyrics jazz, somewhat afrocentric run your fingers on her skin make her moan a symphony and when she finds her voice, dive in and never pause let the music play on beyond time until a crescendo of cloud nine this, dear son, is how to make music #Pengician #SSA […]

Guitar Girl

Guitar Girl in the strings of the guitarist i hear an erotic charm flood my ears with the aroma of melody she’s a player with trembling hands she pulls one nerve end strikes the other caresses the next fingers the other and a harmony of symphonies erupts like drips and drops of oil on my […]

Ediye Series: thorns on my balls

thorns on my balls ediye mmi, i want to wear your love like a pendant, on the contours of my heart but why do you sit like a crown of thorns on my balls? #Pengician #SSA Enjoyed reading? Please leave a comment and share with friends. Thank you! 

from ‘sonless’ father to his fatherless son

from ‘sonless’ father to his fatherless son dear son, when next your heartbeat stutter at the sight of a beautiful flower, pause, then hold your breathe for a second zoom in on her petals look, no, stare closer do not dwell on the beautiful fragrance that assault your nasals look, no, stare closer find a […]

Random Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s difficult to not love a poet. One could hardly tell when it is ‘just poetry’ from when ‘it’s from the heart’ Genuine! As the sun sets, he rouses her desires with words. “You have a fine forehead  and obvious cheeks.  Tiny well-crafted ears.  They fit just well on your head.” He also plays […]

Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You let me love you while I can, for tomorrow I may not remain and I cease to feel the same let me love you while the stars still twinkle even behind a sky of utmost darkness, and my cup of coffee still ripple at the drop of a cube of sweetness […]

Ediye Series: Lovers And Louvres

Ediye Series: Lovers And Louvres ediye mmi, if our love is a window we’d be louvres we’d open and closeopen… i’d be open to your corrections of love so that the rays of light would stream into my darkest parts because, like vampires, my weakness cannot withstand the light of love you’d be receptive, taking […]

my love is like the full moon

my love is like the full moon  it empties himself  on the canvas of rainbow colours spilling silvery streaks of my soul into the damp tunnel  of my lover letting go all of me,  drip by drip pouring  every ounce  of liquid magic into her pores creeping stealthily  into places the sun of lust couldn’t  kiss  and […]

You’d Still Be Lost

You’d Still Be Lost you’d stare at your diary like a hungry street boy lost in thought you’d invoke words in your subconscious but they will appear clad in insibidi humming incantations alien to the lord’s prayer you’d reach out for your laptop and fondle her power button caress her desk top in search of […]

i rose from torn rags

i rose from torn rags give me your names and I will write someday what my heart knows exists but cannot feelwith words hopeless, scattered letters on a canvaslike poor substitutes for what they’re in vain,words. just words. vain words. actions slain. let me hear the sound of your deedsgrow louder than empty barrels that […]

my heart is a mushed mess of roses

my heart is a mushed mess of roses              sometimes he plays hard to findlike god, covering the face of moseswith the back of his palmhe’d shield the roadmap to his heartwith a smokescreen, walk pasther like a floating shadowleaving behind scatter images of who he is       […]

How a Shy Boy Woos a Loud Girl

how a shy boy woos a loud girl because he lives in a world of flippant tongues and itchy ears, a shy boy tucks in his voice and learns to speak in the language of silence …until love came tapping on his door she reeled out her tales like s seasoned orator; he replied in […]

Write Me A Poem (X): …but you never wrote me one

…but you never wrote me one ediye mmi, sometimes, going home isn’t always returning to a place where a roof shields your head from the lonesomeness that lurk in the dark; it is returning to yourself, the one who never leaves when they’re all gone sometimes, silence makes lonesomeness unbearable it echoes back cremated memories, […]

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