Allen and the Mirror | Martins Deep

Allen And The Mirror“You’re cute” the mirror softly spoke“But more than a feeble cub with a beard you know”He cried, “Why can’t I be forever this little folk?”“Never you once […]

Phoetry | For Ude Ugo

For Ude Ugo Let the mirror tell of thine beautiful soul and not thine veiled visage Stand where true reflections sets thee above old wives tales about thee. Hear it […]

Phoetry | For AJ Uyo

For AJ Uyo Be still though thy tears Tries to flood thee away Kneel in the clay, pray away thine cares Knead thy troubles into a lay. Say to thyself […]

Phoetry | For Gloria Obi Etim

For Gloria Obi Etim You are not feeble though you cannot fly where destiny calls now. You’re strong keeping the picture in your mind the blessed season will sort out […]

Tale Of The Inker | Martins Deep

Tale Of The Inker Words: How they fondled your stitched heart messing up your beautiful mind like public toilets Unapologetically drawing water from the forbidden wells of your eyes split […]

Morountodun | Martins Deep

Morountodun Morountodun, this is the place you’ll find me like the prey of a shrike choked through by your thorny words When the chase after Omo Ogun with your heart […]

I Have Moved On – Martins Deep

I Have Moved On The fake postman under the spell of your sob story had dropped the forty-ninth letter in nine months Envelope stained with cerise lipstick, perfumed with promises, […]

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