Diary Of A Pastor’s Son (III) || 2go Love

Diary Of A Pastor’s Son (III) 2go Love 2go (an instant messenger app) brought me amazing friends and friendships. Friendships that migrated to Facebook. Facebook friendships that migrated to physical friendship. Virtual friend turned physical sister, like Comfort. Soul knit friends like Bulelwa. And you, Joshua Chisom, our friendship started there. I saw you last […]

Diary Of A Pastor’s Son (II) || Memories Are Resilient

Diary Of A Pastor’s Son (II)Memories Are Resilient Memories are resilient Memories stay, the good, the bad, the ugly. Memories beat time to it’s wear-and-tear game. Ugly memories destroy us. Bad memories instructs us. Good memories make us. So, we make them. Plenty of them, during childhood, adolescence and the rest of our stay on […]

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