Diary Of A Pastor’s Son (III) || 2go Love

Diary Of A Pastor’s Son (III) 2go Love 2go (an instant messenger app) brought me amazing friends and friendships. Friendships that migrated to Facebook. Facebook friendships that migrated to physical friendship. Virtual friend turned physical sister, like Comfort. Soul knit friends like Bulelwa. And you, Joshua Chisom, our friendship started there. I saw you last […]

Diary Of A Pastor’s Son (II) || Memories Are Resilient

Diary Of A Pastor’s Son (II)Memories Are Resilient Memories are resilient Memories stay, the good, the bad, the ugly. Memories beat time to it’s wear-and-tear game. Ugly memories destroy us. Bad memories instructs us. Good memories make us. So, we make them. Plenty of them, during childhood, adolescence and the rest of our stay on […]

How To Find Oneself | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 222: HOW TO FIND ONESELF“welele mama ahuwelele mama ahu”a South African acapella crew moans in a cavein the desert place of ‘Whenshire”“welele mama ahuwelele mama ahu”their voice echo like melancholy notesfrom the rusty end of broken vuvuzela“welele mama ahuwelele mama ahu”a voice crawls out of the sweet cacophonyand whispers loudly:“one day, you’ll hear the […]

Because I’m Not Forever | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 219: BECAUSE I’M NOT FOREVER like the dinosaurs, I’ll some day, be gone so, I wrote this thinking of the lonely days that will crawl by when I’m gone         I leave stories of you and I         in lines and verses so you don’t cry when I’m […]

Reverse – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 115: REVERSE Helplessly I watched you sail into distant seas fading slowly from my eye reach. I think I’m on playback or does the sea backwards flow? I still see you in my memories Sailing away in reverse order, fading slowing into my arms reach. Whatever we were I still remember who we were. […]


At times…. We need fantasy To survive the reality. At times… We need to laugh out loud At the verge of breaking down. At times… It is normal To be abnormal. At times… I wonder Why I wander into the woods of my mind howling at the moon, cooing like an owl a lonely At […]

Reliving Memories (ii)

POEM 27: RELIVING MEMORIES (II) As I traveled on past’s path debris of memories litter the ground flooding my heart with smiles smiled and cries cried and friends had flash by like lightening in a night sky, exposing grey clouds sneaking by. And I remembered… Precious memories how they linger in my soul. I peeked […]

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