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Write Me A Poem (IX): Sweetness

Write me a poem about sweetness I can hear the vibrant sounds of ‘egbe’ soaring in formless air, rising sun shining so beautifully across the skyline, scattered spongy clouds litter the sky, like rows of grey perfection, spreading, calling rain, thick palm trees dancing in eyesight, swaying their fronds to the delight of ‘nza’ as […]

An Amazing Woman | Ezeobi Tochukwu Charles

I’ve heard people eulogize others,I’ve heard men extol virtues in men,Whether it be true or no, I do not know.Now listen ye to this beautiful truth, try to gainsay it if you could. I know the best person in the worldHeart of pure gold beyond a doubtThe milk of human kindness from her out pours. […]

Because Mama Loves Me So | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 159: BECAUSE MAMA LOVES ME SOShe said: ‘Steve, your heart is a room of beautiful secrets and whimsical bliss. ‘A gift wrap of graciousness and a cup of sweetness’ Certainly that has remained in my heart like the consciousness of God in man. Her words reflect as light in my eyes, as beauty on […]

How To Say ‘I Love You’

My mum taught me how to say  ‘I Love You”  through the things that I do. I didn’t understand how the things I do could stand in for my voice. ‘I want you to look in the mirror’ Mum would say… I will steady my tiny boy legs before the mirror and stare at my […]