how to make music

how to make music draft the lyrics jazz, somewhat afrocentric run your fingers on her skin make her moan a symphony and when she finds her voice, dive in and never pause let the music play on beyond time until a crescendo of cloud nine this, dear son, is how to make music #Pengician #SSA […]

Guitar Girl

Guitar Girl in the strings of the guitarist i hear an erotic charm flood my ears with the aroma of melody she’s a player with trembling hands she pulls one nerve end strikes the other caresses the next fingers the other and a harmony of symphonies erupts like drips and drops of oil on my […]

Music In The Well – By Martins Deep

Music In The Well  The King swore his end By kingly power sealed by his signet. For the blind harpist Played down the joyful cheers Into sorrowful tears. Lords sobbed like lads While he sang without words. The queen’s soul ran out like a river Gushing through her eyes. Cats shivered. Groanings reached to the […]

You’re My Music

Like octave in halftime,  she makes me rhyme.  You’re my music.  Your voice is become the lyrical language of my heart calling continually entwined in loves duet Together we rise above your soprano and fall like tidal waves into my tenor. You’re my music. All night, touched tenderly by love’s opera musical movements caressing my […]

You Will Heal

It wasn’t the first time she slipped into my dreams unannounced.  Yesterday was hitch free, unlike Mondays. I had woken up eyes swollen from a Sunday long nap, dragged my frail frame into the bathroom. I showered lazily wondering why I must be at the office every Monday morning. But the bills won’t foot themselves.  […]

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