January Fifteen: Nigeria and Biafra

Annually, in the history of Nigeria, the above mentioned date means two different things: To Nigerians, it is a day to mark the end of a civil war that started on July 6, 1967, and ended on January 15, 1970. It is also the day Nigeria’s first bloody coup happened.


Which tenure, believed, this martyr
the one, which seeks, the masses’ window and backdoor
entry, to die for?

Igbo Cheta

Igbo Chetaalthough the freedom sought and fought for is yet to be gained, they fought so you could be here today, igbo cheta they laid down their lives and exposed the ‘one nigeria’ lies so you could have a harmonized voice and kinsmen to back you up whenever the enemy remind you of how much […]

The Timeline of Agbada, Etibo and Babariga

The Timeline of Agbada, Etibo and Babariga 1960 agbada and babarigaetibo and babariganever had we a man in suitpiloting the affairs of the nation 1966 khaki and beretsswagger and musketsone takes down the otherfrom one military junta to another2015 since we didn’t possess sensewhen electing another babariga can we have sense and at leastget a […]

May We Always Remember, by John Chizoba Vincent

May We Always Remember, by John Chizoba Vincent MAY WE ALWAYS REMEMBER The black cat came again. You know Grandpa told us last time that black cats especially, symbolize evil. When it came, it went towards the shrine. It looked at the tallest wooden goddess, then to the gods at the dark side of the […]

Born-To-Obey [B.O.R.N.O] by Opia-Enwemuche Maxwell Onyemaechi

BORN-to-Obey (B.O.R.N.O)  Burn,  Open old wounds, Rain careless bullets, Never surrender territories, Obliterate peace with violence This is the present state of B.O.R.N. O This should not be waved aside when a lot of people die by the side. This should not form a campaign song when a lot has prevented us getting along. This […]

Write Me A Poem | Nigeria

WRITE ME A POEM (1) write me a poem about a two boys when a white boy stick out his tongue, in mock mimic to a black boy, the world stand aloof when a black boy chuckling, roll on the floor, because ‘half baked bread’ describes white boy, the world bring down the roof dummy, […]

Nigeria | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 355: NIGERIA on daily, you hurt me in ways like no one ever,  cutting me deep, right into my heart on a daily, you beat me up without lifting a hand, and, you shut me up when I cry on a daily, you crush my hope and tell the world I am a stale […]

This Is Not A Poem | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 293: THIS IS NOT A POEM Someday, when again I satirepolitical events around the Niger areaI’ll write a poem on Baba Adamawa featuring Dede Anambra. In this poem of mine, which shall be written in due time,shall be words that mean a thing,two things and many other things. I shall scribble about an Atikulate […]

Ogbuoha One | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 278: OGBUOHA ONE! Behold your king, Ogbuoha one!Crowned with the colour of bloodHe whose head mocks the crownwith policies that impoverishes. Behold your king, Ogbuoha one!Clutching the sacred oforHe who desecrates the throneand makes, a pebble, the rock of Aso. Behold your king, Ogbuoha one!Clad in the colour of bloodHe who silenced the Voice […]

Grim Land | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 270: GRIM LANDCrawled walls today with the intent of stumbling on some ‘Hail Naija’ pieces of poetry, extolling with words brights and beautiful,the exotic future that await Africa’s wounded giant. Alas, my eyes were blessed with a hail of sour words sprawling on broken walls and craving for succorin the lyrics of Majek Fashek’s […]

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