Who Are You Trying To Impress?

Can you imagine viewing criticism as ‘a very small thing’?  Or being liberated from the need to impress people; your self-esteem no longer dependent on someone noticing how successful, smart, or attractive you are?  Think what it would be like to feel genuine love for someone who expresses their disapproval of you.  Is such a […]

Zombies We Are

Everyday I must fight,  whether I wish it be or not.  Armed to the teeth Three tats for one tit. Armed with fearful weapons: a penlike machine gun,  rock powdering grenade words,  and a Swiss pocket knife to slit a throat or two and make a few tattoo. I strike first,  I strike hard,  I strike […]

I put FEAR on notice!

I put FEAR on notice!  During meditation tonight,  I’m f*cking you up  and putting you out! You have lived here rent-free for far too long!  GET OUT!!!!


As yet, my love. As yet… For I believe in the power of love,  and the magnetic draw of planets to their orbits.  And you are drawn to encircle me  as I am drawn to encircle you.  Encircle each other we will forever,  for our orbits are bound to one another’s pull. #Pengician #SSA

Even Nature Makes Love To Us

The sun beamed furiously on me today. Almost I feared the mosquitoes I murdered last night are revenging with fierce sunburn. I could swear I heard voices echoing  “son you’ll burn!” But then I glanced around only to notice my furious sky ball evenly distributed her heat, to everyone on the street. That instant I understood […]

Cum Unto Me

Cum unto meI am the messiahYour anointed oneBring in your heart like a pitcherand unto me cum.Of bliss, I preach I make dark pleasures bleachuntil the white of starsblend with cloud ninelike the glory of divinityengulf all shades of sinFifty shades of sevenOne divine thrust, and you’ll feel heaven.No mortal oddswith immortality you’ll be evenFrom moans in mornto […]

My Geisha

…and suddenly time stand for split millennia whist I drool over my Geisha. Feeling fluffy inside; my heart, tingly. My eyes, dreamy. #Pengician

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