Phoetry | For Ude Ugo

For Ude Ugo Let the mirror tell of thine beautiful soul and not thine veiled visage Stand where true reflections sets thee above old wives tales about thee. Hear it when the harp in thy sad footfalls joins the orchestra of nature at the stream side. In mud, on marble Be spent on this quest […]

Phoetry | For AJ Uyo

For AJ Uyo Be still though thy tears Tries to flood thee away Kneel in the clay, pray away thine cares Knead thy troubles into a lay. Say to thyself before a looking glass “I shall trust the winds with my darned mast” If thou weepest in sorrow to part Know thee thine eyes only […]

Phoetry | For Yetunde Morenikeji

For Yetunde Morenikeji  I can tell, so tell your hands are weary from holding swords that it cannot hold the pen to write your story Fret no more for I found all that’s unwritten in a manuscript with your name not on papyrus, parchment nor papers but upon hearts of men told by their tears […]

Phoetry | For Gloria Obi Etim

For Gloria Obi Etim You are not feeble though you cannot fly where destiny calls now. You’re strong keeping the picture in your mind the blessed season will sort out from the dust when it rides by in the winds in the eyes of the world. Sceptres were first ploughs my beloved Look back not […]

Phoetry | For Oluwafunmilayo Ojeniyi

For Oluwafunmilayo Ojeniyi Is it not from the blood of a bleeding soul the balm is found? Know you not to be a jar of Gilead’s balm thou must be cracked? The breath to the dying The shoulders for the weeping The hope to the sighing The truth to the one caught in the web […]

Phoetry | Acrostic For Iheanachor Adanna Amarachi

Acrostic For Iheanachor Adanna Amarachi Ink may with words Not paint richly thine Scars still feeding Painfully on thy joy Is it not from thine storm Raging within that thou wilt hear the waves call Aloud to Thee to lord over fear? Is it not On this sinking ground the Nations will Ask enthralled, ” […]

Phoetry | For Okoro Hannah Ozioma

For Okoro Hannah Ozioma Real fiends, fake friends Real thorns, false roses. Would one tell truly thy tale if it were inked by thine tears? When thine heart gets sick of poetry in the sky With thine head down write a lyric on the earth for heaven to sing over you “Love will find the […]

Phoetry | For Marycolette Matiki

For Marycolette Matiki The seed dies to become the envied bloom Loveliest comes the touch where the sore is deepest after the stab When night comes and the sun falls asleep beneath the watery quilt of the sea, know thee then the times beckons for thy light Shine, come alive like coals touched by fire. […]

Phoetry | A Fusion of Photography and Poetry

Every heard of Phoetry? Okay, I’ll tell you what it is. Phoetry is a blend of Photography and Poetry.  One good way to travel down memory lane is to have a good picture in front of you. It just has this way if dishing you old smells, feelings come trailing back, then there is the […]

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