Which Way | Upp. G

For Naija, any which way na way, but unto sey we no wan loss, we kukuma carry waka sidan for house. Who waka epp? – Stefn Sylvester Anaytonwu WHICH WAY? E don tey wey I de pray make Jah show me the way; But e be like say Jah compass no de behave. I no go […]

I Love Your Too Much | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 197: I LOVE YOUR TOO MUCH (Pidgin English) Dem tell me sey make I no try am Sey you no be my type. Sey your shakara e too much Me I love your too much. ‘Shoot your shot’ na my mantra As I fire na so I trap am Nne your green light no […]

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