Call For Submission: Love Struck Anthology

Love is undoubtedly humankind’s most exploited subject matter. And yet every year, all year round, the reproduction of “love” in art, literature, music, and a diverse array of many other fields, continues as if the subject, after all this time, has yet to be exhausted.  This month, the traditional celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day guarantees […]

Poemify: Wordplay

For today’s Literary Devices, we’ll play on words and learn how to play on words. Have you ever heard someone describe a phrase as “punny”? Punny is a blend word, or portmanteau, which combines “pun” and “funny” to describe a funny pun. This is an act of wordplay. What Is WordPlay? In simple terms, wordplay […]

Poemify | Literary Appreciation

TOPIC: LITERARY APPRECIATION Many writers know little or nothing about this. Some can’t mention the Genres of Literature and Elements of each Genres. What is Literary Appreciation? Literary Appreciation is simply the ability to understand and evaluate works of Literature. Evaluate here means to make judgment about the quality or value of literary work. Evaluation […]

Poemify | Haiku Writing

A haiku (pronounced high-koo) is short three-line poem that uses sensory language to capture a feeling or image. Haiku poetry was originally developed by Japanese poets. They are often inspired by nature, a moment of beauty, or poignant experience. Before I dive deep, I’d love to say this: I believe some of us here know […]

Poemify: Types Of Poetry.

Types Of Poetry  Poetry is literary expression in which language is used in a concentrated blend of sound and imagery to create an emotional response; essentially rhythmic, it is usually metrical and frequently structured in stanzas.  This is to help you get acquainted with the various forms of poetry existent and help broaden your art.  […]

So You Want To Be A Poet? Here’s My One Kobo Advice | Series Two

Hello, I believe the first series of this article tasted like finely brewed wine. Here’s the continuation. But before we dive into the main course, I have a few questions for you.  Were you able to write, at least, a poem over the weekend? If yes, what challenges did you encounter? What inspired your poem? Do […]

Poemify | On Vocabulary

This is going to be lengthy. So please, settle down in your favourite position (lie down, sit, stand, squat, hang mid air… whatever suits you),and then, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started. In today’s Vocabulary class, we are going to learn some new literary words to spice up our poetry writing.  In […]

So You Want To Be A Poet? Here’s My One Kobo Advice | Series One

Poets are an odd, beautiful breed. Constantly observant and obsessed by details, we speak a language that can transcend time, cultures, religion, ideologies and places. My poetic life started before I was even born, I believe, but really I’ve been a part-time poet for about a decade. At first, it was painting and drawing. I […]

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