Published: Wet Heavens by Nwankwo Prosper

Prose & Poetry Hood presents Wet Heavens, a collection of poems on love, romance and sex. Wet Heavens is a rich collection of poetica crafted with poetic ingenuity. The poet paints erotic lines with wet ink for lovers of the apple of love. You can’t resist it. The bliss is heavenly. The author, NWANKWO PROSPER […]

Of African Literature And International Recognition

‘The PIN magazine, Expound, WRR Poetry, My Mind Snaps, etc, which may be seen as local blogs/magazines/organizations, are more reputable than some of the foreign publications that we know worship.’  – Kukogho Iruesiri Samson This got me thinking. What’s so special about being published by foreign magazines, blogs, journals, etc?  Why are we African writers like […]

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