For Ese, Ochanya And Others We’d Never Know | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 306: FOR ESE, OCHANYA AND OTHERS WE’D NEVER KNOW deliberately, light and divinity stood aloofwhile darkness and evil plucked her fruit,shredded her leaves,crushed her flowers,separated her root from earth’s hold:what was lost was not a child,but innocence and humaneness. mankind could only burst tear ducts,embalm her remains, like starving babies wail,be clad in black […]

On Lies, Rape and Threats – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

On Lies, Rape and Threats What lie do you tell your conscience when truth pleaded on knees bended? Have you managed to deceive it too? How do you curve your lips when in betrayal kiss the innocent girl kid? Have you managed to twist the tale? What more harm? How many more? When, oh heartless […]

Hang The Rapist: A True Rape Story

‘Who be the bagga wey rape you?’ She was obviously furious, clench fist ready to punch the rapist right on the face if opportune. I giggled and gestured to a seat.  ‘Please sit down. ’tis a thing of the past and I got over it’ ‘Didn’t really knew guys could be raped’ she said whilst […]

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