The Timeline of Agbada, Etibo and Babariga

The Timeline of Agbada, Etibo and Babariga 1960 agbada and babarigaetibo and babariganever had we a man in suitpiloting the affairs of the nation 1966 khaki and beretsswagger and musketsone takes down the otherfrom one military junta to another2015 since we didn’t possess sensewhen electing another babariga can we have sense and at leastget a […]

Courtroom Pun | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 346: i am about to mock my ignoranceit’s okay if you cannot stifle the laughi’d be better off, because i write. i’m unaware, isn’t it the trend?about the working of a court,of scribbling porn, i was convicted,by the church, without the court by god, i swear, i meat no Ham’twas a harmless play on words,‘you’re […]

Facebook | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 341: FACEBOOK Blessed be Facebook, who goes around doing good.It may not make the lame to walkBut it does make the dumb to talk. Now every opinionated fellowsit their sorry asses on a bed of stonelog on to Facebook and let their fingers run madhere, there, everywhere, about this and that Blessed be Facebook,who […]

If Ever I Dance | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 330: IF EVER I DANCE If ever, I find time and courage, to dance in public stareI’d dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill, but with reckless abandon and orgasmic enjoyment,oblivious of peering eyes,jeering peers, and lips in sneeriness Until that fateful day, when I shall mock my stiff bones,with the intention of silly […]

Johnny | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 316: JOHNNY Prelude: Life can be a challenge;  of that there is no doubt. But If we cannot laugh at ourselves, life will become a dull and stifling experience. We could ease up and laugh away the stress and hurt and all. Life is pretty hard, I know, but if we take a moment […]

This Is Not A Poem | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 293: THIS IS NOT A POEM Someday, when again I satirepolitical events around the Niger areaI’ll write a poem on Baba Adamawa featuring Dede Anambra. In this poem of mine, which shall be written in due time,shall be words that mean a thing,two things and many other things. I shall scribble about an Atikulate […]

Ogbuoha One | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 278: OGBUOHA ONE! Behold your king, Ogbuoha one!Crowned with the colour of bloodHe whose head mocks the crownwith policies that impoverishes. Behold your king, Ogbuoha one!Clutching the sacred oforHe who desecrates the throneand makes, a pebble, the rock of Aso. Behold your king, Ogbuoha one!Clad in the colour of bloodHe who silenced the Voice […]

Roses & Violets | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 259: ROSES & VIOLETS Roses are red Violets are blue Honey is sweetness and so are you But the roses are wilted and the violets dead. Honey’s lost its sweetness just like your lack of sense. #365DaysOfPoetry #Pengician #SSA Enjoyed reading? Commenting is now easy. Please help my blog grow by leaving a comment […]

Aba Poetry Club | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 201: APCThe real APC We do not defect.Our carpets are landmarksNo leg can cross its path. We’re legit, not lootersEven sin hate us! We all are speakers.We own words.Lay ambush on usand we’ll walk right through you with spoken words. Why so blue?We are the sky.When you lose your white green to red patches […]

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