Of Religion And Human Tradition

Let’s be realistic here, the bible is not to be blamed. Most denominational doctrines are a product of one man’s ideas, preference. No biblical backing whatsoever. I come from a denomination […]

Sunday Musing || The Broken Painting

The Broken Painting Once upon a time, a well known painter was finishing his painting. It’s an incredibly beautiful painting to be shown during Princess Diana’s marriage. The painter was […]

The Lord Shall Deliver

THE LORD SHALL DELIVER “On mount Zion there shall be deliverance” – Obadiah 1:17 When the roof of protection cave in and the walls come crumbling when the foundations of […]

Yes You Can! End Of Story

Life is not a holiday at the beach where children build sand castles and play with pebbles. It is a fight for survival and a battle against the ever scheming, […]

Cost of Choice

COST OF CHOICEEarth! Dear earth, I’m draineddrained by the choice in our lossperfection spells peace and freedombut our choice chose selfishlylost in its blindness of greed I sit yet I’m […]

His Love | Victor Ifeanyichukwu

HIS LOVE I will sojourn round the globeto get thee the hued clothgoing round the celestial brumeand making my ode blotched before theelo the celerity is clarioned  bringing susurration to thine […]

I Love You This Much

POEM 49: I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH Stubble had more value Compared to me and all I had. Deep within I felt so empty Yearning for a refill But no […]


Tears dried Clouds come floating by,  No longer to carry rain or usher storm,  but to add color to my sunset sky. I rose from my fall Like a rose […]

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