Sweetness | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

SWEETNESSI want to write our tomorrow together.I want to look at the skyand see just two starsblinking gleefullyon our merged soul. I want to write our tomorrow togetherin a single letterto the love struck.In it I’ll tell tales of trust and honestyof unity in diversityof rivers Niger and Benue meeting at the confluenceto kiss division […]

Give Away Sweetness, a Collection of Poems

Hello, friends, if you are yet to get a copy of my book, ‘Sweetness’, I’m giving away a few copies on Instafreebie. What is Instafreebie? It is an eReader app. The Instafreebie app makes downloading new books from your favorite authors as simple as deciding what to read next! Find a free ebook, choose your […]

Favourite Accident | Download Sweetness: a collection of poems

Title: Favorite AccidentBook: SweetnessAuthor: Stefn Sylvester AnyatonwuPrice: 200 NairaFormat: eBook [Favorite Accident] Sweetness, I had stumbled into that day all fresh and fly. I had told that man in the mirror“Hey buddy, wear you a smile” And like after storm rainbowI stepped into the dayAll fresh and fly The roads were smoothNo single gap tooth […]

Sweetness – Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

Sweetness Some memories don’t fall and die Like autumn leaves They stay afloat one’s heart They never leave. Last night, I felt you I smelt you I tasted you What’s banga soup Compared to you? It’s morning Awake, my love See, the sun’s up. Awake let’s live our dreams The bridge is almost done Soon […]

Sweetness, a collection of poems by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

Watch and share Sweetness promotional video below Today marks the official release of my book, ‘Sweetness’. It is a collection of poems nested in sweetness. Wondering what this sweetness thing is all about? Get yourself a copy 😘 Trust me, it’s a wordy ready worth the penny. To order for the eBook pay #200 to the […]

Sweetness: Download Links For Those Outside Nigeria

‘Sweetness’, a collection of 43 poems was birthed from a series of poems I scribbled while the ripple effect of a sweetness overdose lasted.  It’s a mixture of WOW! AWN! and AW! A great read, I guarantee you. For the sake of my fans and readers outside Nigeria, here are download links to my book […]

New Book Alert! Sweetness – a collection of poems by Stefn Sylvester

It’s my pleasure to announce the official launch of my second collection of poems ‘Sweetness’.  All thanks goes to God, who’s the first poet and punster ever liveth, never dieth. About Book: Sweetness is an affectionate name for someone I loved. She was everything sweet, so much I always nod my head (as if saying […]

Book Launch Alert! “Sweetness”

On several occasions, while sweetness lasted, friends and fans asked the following questions: “Hey Stefn, who’s Sweetness?”“What’s this Sweetness thing about?” Sweetness is an affectionate name for someone I once loved. She was everything sweet, so much I grin like a happy lad along with the elongated blink of her small eyes, while pouting out […]

Sweetness: The End

Sweetness,  You were so proper on the outside  with such heat on the inside. This subtle way you have that oozes sexuality turned on my flaccid curiosity Sweetness, It’s been a while  I held your gaze. That subtle glint in your eyes that oozes intimacy turned on my flaccid curiosity. Sweetness, My friends, they wonder […]

Tulips (Two Lips)

POEM 31: TULIPS Sweetness hear the tune of our tulips  as we kiss  and hum with me let the music of our moans rise into the clouds  like puff of Mexican weed. Sweetness whisper romantic nonsense into my lips as our tulips unfold in French embrace. Sweetness allow me run quivering fingers on the chords […]


Sweetness, your love is like: a warm sun ray a rose in the dirt a glass of fine wine a gentle breeze a sip of creamy coffee a lonely bird that coo a still silent night a song by granny every star shines brighter every breathe fresher Your soothing touch Your warmth Your whispers soft […]

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