Time And Life | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 308: TIME AND LIFE ever since time found time to be created,time never cease to fleet, seconds tick into minutes,minute tick into hours,hours make up daysday by the day, years come and go,while I play the role of a late comer,always behind, playing catch up,along the way – It seems no matter what I […]

Life And Time | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 296: LIFE & TIME Life is a privileged lady: she shines with celestial radiancein the years of her youth she lives carefree of careslike a baby of life harsh realities, unaware she wonders of many fantasiesUtopian, manga, futura she desires to feed her dreamsto satisfaction with the flamesof her heart’s perpetual fire But time […]

Time Flies

Are the years getting shorter? Oh well, no. But your life is. Time flies!  You have heard this saying before, no doubt, but have you ever asked the next logical question, “but to where?” For most young people time moves pretty fast, but to nowhere really. As the sun kicks darkness of the night sky…time […]

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