The Truth Stood Sad In A Lie

The Truth Stood Sad In A Lie The truth stood sad in a lie, crestfallen, she wither in dust, She have drowned in rivers of dry, drowned in oceans of lust. Fading into ashes she burn, She stood sad in a lie, prevarication tables turn, honesty that bleeds can’t comply. She seek forgiveness she deny, […]

Spend and Spent

Liberty to privacy I accord themaverting my curious eyesfrom even their dumbest pranksyet they dig without apologyinto every detail of my symphonyquizzing my every movesuspecting my truest musedoubting my capabilitiesprying into my privacydemeaning my capabilitiesand down rating my abilities. My tolerance I spendlike the currency of loveuntil I’m drained, strained and spent.Why do I get […]

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