I Know Why A Blind Man Smiles

POEM 353:  I Know Why A Blind Man Smiles  if a sunlight drops into a blind man’s eye will he see the light or a glowing dark? this question and more jog in my heart morn, noon, eventide he’s blind and old the melody of light awakens his sightless eye like fingers running on piano […]

Romans 6:23 | Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

POEM 276: ROMANS 6:23  ”For the wages of sin is death…”…and that was all I was told Last night, my sins were resplendentall over a large portion of my heart, strewn Last night, lusts ruminated on, back then,when ignorance made me a melee mess,came flooding my thoughts Last night, twilight wasn’t spared, neither was the […]

The Writers Periscope

Writing is more of art and even more skill. The world of publishing is fast evolving and writing is bridging the gap between publishing, digital marketing and brand development. Recent findings show that data driven content, entertaining stories, inspiring articles and guides have become business assets. You can now connect, build a network, attract and […]

Your Best Is Brewing

YOU KNOW THESE ARE TRUE, BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR BEST WORK IS BREWING I had started writing stories, songs, poems, drawing people, things and imagining things, long ago when I was just a young boy.  Later, in high school, I was so shy, beaten down by inferiority complex that my writing career was jeopardized.  Few […]

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