Restraint   accusing fingers,curious eyes,hushed voicescome crashing in like raging wavesknocking off the shadowsof self-control. you shut your eyesand let the mayhem slow fadeand drown in your yesteryears in the scent of akara frying by the roadside,the faint tick-tock, tick-tockof your neighbour’s grandfather clock.and the rushing sound of waterdown the drainto Aba river. in the […]

dear me

dear me, why do you think about the moments that would succeed your departure? why do you feel more clarity than you’ve have never felt after birth in the beautiful peace that succeeds death? why? you will not be freed from the voices,  from the pain,  from yourself you’ll get trapped,  as always,  in the […]

Don’t Die

Don’t Die I’ve learned to fill my black holes with droplets of hope perhaps someday a life unfair would be bleached to crystal clear and that which clouds my mind I’d fully understand I’ve learned to chalk my dark days with seven shades of grey, perhaps someday, perfection would dawn on me like sunshine does […]

may you find joy

may you find j.o.y may you never lose your sense of wonder and cease not to wander in search of joy here and yonder may you hold on to your sense of humor and with it brighten the lives of everyone may you go beyond ordinary goals, discover the extraordinary, silence stereotypes and dislodge abnormal […]

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