my love is like the full moon

my love is like the full moon  it empties himself  on the canvas of rainbow colours spilling silvery streaks of my soul into the damp tunnel  of my lover letting go all of me,  drip by drip pouring  every ounce  of liquid magic into her pores creeping stealthily  into places the sun of lust couldn’t  kiss  and […]


POEM 22: LUST She was lost I joined the search team. They combed bushes I searched hearts I found her and got lust. She’s found I am lust No search team in sight. #365DaysOfPoetry #Pengician #SSA


I’ve been riding this bicycle all my life I’ve gone uphill I’ve gone down hill But it can’t stand on it’s own because it’s just two-tyred. I’ve been right-in all my life I’ve written poems I’ve wronged girls But I don’t know what’ll be left when I’m done writing. I’ve been loving her all my […]

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