Stereotypes (III)

stereotypes (iii) two sides of a coin who’s a poet? stereotypes: 1. drinks a lot of coffee 2. has serial lovers, lots of sex 3. doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks 4. has no money 5. loves weird animals like cats, owls, dinosaurs, lucifer reality: 1. true only in movies 2. most of the […]

Stereotypes (II)

stereotypes (ii) i ask the artless at heart who a poet is with a straight face, he replied: ”poets are people who live in a world different from all others- a world of angst, drama, romance, always talking in rhymes, imagery, ironies and always in a state of deep thought. they never just say what […]

Stereotypes (I)

stereotypes (i) poet: pompous synonym for fool, dreamer. poetry: entirely useless; out of date. [because stereotypes are funny] but if you read between the lines, you’d see some truth in it. some poets day dream in the night and have nightmares in the day there are poets whose poetry induce sleep they sometimes leave the […]

My Poetry And I

A friend once threw a certain question I dread, at me. She asked ‘who is Stefn?’ I leaned over and whispered: ‘Read my poems and you will get to know the real me’ My poems are from my heart and I write them about myself and things that has happened in my life. So my […]

She Is Poetry

I know a girl looping like stars across the horizon.
She’s my smile, sinew and song
And what is her name?

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