Write Me A Poem (X): …but you never wrote me one

…but you never wrote me one ediye mmi, sometimes, going home isn’t always returning to a place where a roof shields your head from the lonesomeness that lurk in the dark; it is returning to yourself, the one who never leaves when they’re all gone sometimes, silence makes lonesomeness unbearable it echoes back cremated memories, […]

Write Me A Poem (IX): Sweetness

Write me a poem about sweetness I can hear the vibrant sounds of ‘egbe’ soaring in formless air, rising sun shining so beautifully across the skyline, scattered spongy clouds litter the sky, like rows of grey perfection, spreading, calling rain, thick palm trees dancing in eyesight, swaying their fronds to the delight of ‘nza’ as […]

Write Me A Poem (VIII): Ruby

WRITE ME A POEM (VIII): RUBY she calls me ruby, like the fluid of life that run her veins, she said I am precious stone on which the foundation of her heart is laid she calls me ruby, the jewel that gunned her down, drew her eyes, heart, to it’s glistering goodness, and pegged her […]

Write Me A Poem (VII): Shards, a poem by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

WRITE ME A POEM (VII): SHARDScontorted by wind, flawed as it is with my breedmere armatures for ice or snow,mere mortal munching incantations of gods unknown,like palm trees resolve to endure for now,the boisterous wind that caress their balls,i bend here, there, everywhere to the musical of the wind then, comes autumn, like leaves, I […]

Write Me A Poem (VI): I Used To Sip Strength From Her

WRITE ME A POEMi’m used to sipping strength from her word smoothieand drawing confidence from her words soothing. my first stage performance is a day whose memory can’t self destructit’s that one day I wouldn’t forget in a hurting hurry. i was fidgety, palms sweaty, knees knocking my heartbeat could be heard over the public address […]

Write Me A Poem (V): Stars And Scars

WRITE ME A POEM: STARS AND SCARS write me a poem about stars and scars,would you?begin the second verse about how close to tearsit could get when scars, skin deep,bite through the sole into my soul,until i forget to remember to count the starswhich still wink at in dark nightsthough surrounded by the blackness of […]

Write Me A Poem (IV): Funny Yet Sad

FUNNY YET SAD Write me a poem about two sides of a coin how one side is gold and the flip side foil Funny how the things we once cherished are become anathematized by the ideas we now hold as divine Funny how we made jest of the others only to become what they became […]

Write Me A Poem (III): Errand Boy, A Satire

THE ERRAND BOY Write me a poem about an errand boy of how the master said to his boy “Get ready your kite, for tomorrow, you’d share nickels down the road” Into the street dashed errand boy his kinky blond hair glistering in the sun he mounted his kite with a wrinkled grin and flew […]

Write Me A Poem (II): Smoking Fag

SMOKING FAG write me a poem about drug abuse lace it with a tale, a moral or something tell me how to quit, oh muse! i started with an inhalation of a friend’s puff, a dose of pressure from my pears, straws of depression and unknown fears, pockets of abuse and vengeance for bullies and […]

Write Me A Poem | Nigeria

WRITE ME A POEM (1) write me a poem about a two boys when a white boy stick out his tongue, in mock mimic to a black boy, the world stand aloof when a black boy chuckling, roll on the floor, because ‘half baked bread’ describes white boy, the world bring down the roof dummy, […]

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