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her lips tastes like coffee

it’s in how the taste of coffee lingers on my lips
whenever she pouts,
that draw me into her tulips
like a butterfly craving nectar

it’s in how she holds my hands,
whenever mine clasps hers,
her long ebony fingers
nestled in the fair warmth of mine,
that makes us blend like milk drops
in a cup of coffee black, when lips locks

it’s in how we moonwalk back and forth
on the wings of creamy bliss,
savoring the bitter sweet of our heat
that flushes hues of gold and scarlet
that makes every sip a trip to the moon and back

it’s in how time takes a break
and reality fades away,
with every gulp drowned out by the bubbling of a stream of coffee hot
that reminds me of Solomon’s songs

her lips tastes like coffee,
thought I should let you know

#Pengician #SSA

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Jaachi Anyatonwu
Jaachi Anyatonwu is a poet, editor, and publisher living in the suburbs of Aba. He is the author of numerous poetry chapbooks and collections, and the Editor-In-Chief of Poemify Publishers Inc. Jaachi is passionate about discovering new voices and mentoring emerging poets. He is also a fierce advocate for the boy child and sexually molested.

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