Cryptocurrency: Nigeria Hates Nigerians

In Nigeria, the government uses poverty as a control tool over her people.

The government do not want Nigerians to easily provide their basic needs.

They want Nigerians to remain in perpetual servitude to a their tribe of demented kleptomaniacs.

If y’all get rich, who will Prof. Yemi Osinbajo share tradermoni, farmermoni and teachermoni to during selection?

Nigerians protest against a killer police squad, instead of addressing the issue, lions are released from the den of Buhari to clamp down on peaceful protesters.

Nigerians protest against marginalisation, a band of blood thirsty pythons are despatched into peaceful neighbourhoods to kill, destroy, assassinate harmless people.

Nigerians cry out to the government to protect them from killer herdsmen, the government look askance, blame the victims and pay Miyetti Allah for terrorising the south.

Nigerians, being impoverished, device means of survival via crypto trading and fired trading, same primitive sadists who run the nation, in a bid to further keep the people under the dictatorship of General Muhammadu Buhari recently criminalized crypto trading.

Nigeria has destroyed (and shall continue to destroy) thousands of livelihoods to punish her people for demanding a decent life, if we don’t #EndNigeriaNow

We are currently experiencing the bad, the ugly is yet to come.

Meanwhile, have you registered to join APC?
I learned they are multiplying their tribe of devils.


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Jaachi Anyatonwu
Jaachi Anyatonwu is a poet from Nigeria. His writings are inspired by everyday happenings and observations with writings that cut across many genres like poetry, prose, essays and music. Jaachi loves to create rich content; creative writing tips, authorship tips, humorous stories and micro poems. He's the author of Sweetness, a collection of poems.

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