Ediye Series: Let Me Caress You With My Eyes

whenever i look you in the eye
i see a ray of sunshine
streaming down on me
with joy and laughter
but there’s more that I’m after

let me caress you with my eyes,
ediye mmi

whenever i let my fingers wander
down south your country side
you glow resplendence
and welcome my prying fingers
in your residence
but there’s more that I’m afterlet me caress you with my eyes,
ediye mmi

whenever our eyes meet
and our stares clasp in visual caresses
a camouflage of currents waft inside of me
crawling up high above eight clouds
nesting you and I on the ninth

none else
nothing else
seek I after, but you,
and i
and us
lost in visual caresses


#Pengician #SSA

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Jaachi Anyatonwu
Jaachi Anyatonwu is a poet, editor, and publisher living in the suburbs of Aba. He is the author of numerous poetry chapbooks and collections, and the Editor-In-Chief of Poemify Publishers Inc. Jaachi is passionate about discovering new voices and mentoring emerging poets. He is also a fierce advocate for the boy child and sexually molested.

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