So You Want TO Be A Poet by Jaachi Anyatonwu Jaachi Anyatonwu

a boy hangs his shoulder a bit higher
than his father’s

he walks proudly on the streets
like he runs the jungle

he fears no one with biceps
he dares everyone with a Talmud and Turban
he scares the simple, the pimpled, the wrinkled

he runs the town, cripple

boy heeds no warning
“daddy knows nothing about now
daddy’s ideologies should be artifacts
in the museum of time”

boy is loud
boy is high
boy is a one man gang
boy is bad

boy walks into the lion’s den
with furs that’s no match for fangs
with purrs that’s no match for claws
with a club that’s no match for guns

boy is beaten
boy is bitten
boy is battered
boy is tattered

like a terrified puppy, boy returns to mama
like a prodigal, boy couldn’t mourn father

father left a note that reads thus:
don’t walk proudly
don’t walk meekly
walk comfortably
walk confidently

boy is sober
boy is changed
boy is better
boy found balance


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