So will not we go back from thee: quicken us, and we will call upon thy name. KJV

Then will we not depart from you; revive us (give us life) and we will call upon Your name. Amp – Psalms 80 vs. 18.

Ever watched a movie where your favorite actor was beaten to a pulp?

Beaten to the point where standing on both feet becomes a prayer point?

But beyond the pain little sparks of adrenaline still moves through His vein, He doesn’t want to give up or rather He is Hell bent to be the last man standing.

I am sure you’ve watched such.

But wait. Focus on this… 

How did that man who has had a beating of His lifetime overcome His greatest fears?

Maybe He remembers countless number of people who would become slaves forever to a conquering enemy or how unpredictable their lives would certainly become or definitely the cry of the ones He loves most. Then a spark is ignited, a fire that actually never died starts flowing through his veins again. You can imagine the velocity of adrenaline rushing through His spines and with one Knockout Punch the enemy is vanquished forever. What a victory.

Back to you, Yes…. you reading this right now. What stage of this similar event do you belong to?

You always complain your pastor doesn’t see visions, cannot heal the sick and also doesn’t have this burning fire. Oops… it seems you are also part of the problem. If truly you carry God’s life in approved measures, Just a Handshake with your Pastor and THAT’S ALL. From that night He begins to see into Vistas and realms in God.

But that is still not happening because you also do not have Life to carry out that ability. Don’t join that band of lifeless people in your church I repeat don’t join that circle whose talk every day is to measure how cold our Pastor is.

You’re a young lady, your family has been in abject bondage and you’ve tried all human ways possible, spoke to your wealthy uncle, friends and relations to help you solve the problems.

You have been BEATEN to a pulp right? All hope now seems lost.

Take a minute and ponder.

This article may not be able to pin point your current state. Instead of giving up, look again and see the array of countless younger ones who wants to become like you, perhaps what ignited their hunger for Spiritual things is the Life of God they always see you carrying, that life that has always followed you to class, fellowship and choir rehearsals.

Once again Lets run what I call a quickening test. Done!!! I just found out your Life level is critically low. No wonder you’ve not been able to pray again. No wonder you cannot speak to people about the one you love. Your social media account still speaks about God but deep down you know you’ve lost something fresh.

But check the prescribed solution on the test script now.

It says dear Woman of God, at this point you might be staggering to stand but all you need to stand strong is a new measure of LIFE.

Did you know? The more you see Jesus the more of His life you carry?

Oh Thank God Jesus was made a life giving spirit to you and the last time I checked He is not a stingy God at all.

You know you need life…. So cry to Him… cry just like the people in the text cried…. I will not go back from you… Resident in me is a fire locked down, an ability shutdown, I need a spark, a fire, a light, LIFE…So give me life and I will call upon your name…

Have you been depressed lately, found out you no longer have this voice and recognition in the Courts of Heaven again? Looking for where you can have a time out with Jesus and hold on to His Feet and Cry Quicken Me?

Then Join us on the 21 st December, 2018.

All Roads leads to Multi Purpose Hall, Cathedral Church of St. Peters Minna, 4pm.

Jesus is ready to Give us Life… Are You???

Author: Paul Albert

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    Great Piece Sir!

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