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The effect the social media has on us as humans and writers cannot be quantified, it is like an umbrella that shield us from the rain, and when your data is exhausted, the umbrella is stolen by your network providers. Gone into the ashes of lost memories not to be seen nor found no more until you subscribe again.
During those moments, it can be the most boring time ever, as you are shut out of this world, alone and alone with no one to hear your voice especially if you weave words into life like me.
Technology has given us everything that we need but at the same time it has also robbed us of everything we once cherished. The things we hold dear,memories, priceless friendships, family, love and togetherness.
While the slay queens and slay mama’s who seek relevance and validation by the likes and comments of their followers are doing theirs, the SMALL GIRLS with BIG GOD are also catching the flight of social media paparazzo. 
Some of these guys feel alive when the likes and comments breathes life into them and make beauty out of their ashes, but when the the likes and comments goes into oblivion, they panic jump into the river of inferiority complex, hiding their faces just like “Small Doctor” said.
What about the boys ?
Those ones especially the Yahoo Boys are the kings that sit on no throne, they were crowned by their ability to play on the intelligence of gullible people, but they have a makeshift throne, which are surrounded by the Slay Queens and Slay Mama’s.
Some writers also count their worth by the likes and comments on their social media handles, for those writer,I say they have impaired intellects. The purpose of writing is to live an indelible mark on this earth,that even when you leave to suck the breasts of your ancestors, your left over milk will still serves as refuge to thousands and millions,if not billon of generations years after your exit.
Everybody is a celebrity in a day according to social media,that day is the day you were born,your birthday, the likes and comments gulps your timeline.
You are celebrated far and wide. But as the day comes to a dead end, you will realise it was just an illusion.
This is also to those ghost friends that the only time they resurrects is when you post the news and pictures of the death of your loved ones. They will be the first to comment with their usual condolence messages. I hope you will just go back into your grave and get cemented by the cave of history?
And to those humans who have found a new way of committing suicide, the ones that do live videos and shut themselves out of this world,I hope you can begin to see the need to still give live another chance and use this platform as a means of dialogue and conversation with your followers. Your lives mean more than this world to us.
You know how you feel when your data vanishes into the pit of hell or when your gadget is struck by a lightening or thunder. The whole world comes crashing on you and dug up for you to sink your lonesomeness inside. The new world welcomes you with open arms,suddenly you feel like hugging the sun,but the ray of the sun is too much for you to bear because you are not so hot to give the sun a 10.
This time around, your ideas are interred into the brokenness of the economy and your financial status is ducked into the mileage of humility. When you wake up,you try to catch yourself,but suddenly realized you have been swept away by the River Niger of your own ambition.
What a world !
The social media world, where we all allow the likes and comments be the muse that keeps our ink bleeding and flowing. In your confused memory and assisted by your village people, you feel you are really doing something, well done, Oh my god ! “won ti get tie.”
This goes to those humans and writers that pretend that likes and comments do not matter,they forgot that no one fetches the ocean empty, neither has anyone ever filled a tanker carrying a basket.
As much as you all pretend, it is evident in your daily life, most of you cannot do without your social media for a day, depression becomes your guardian angel whenever you propose to the likes and comments and they both turn you down. The series of thoughts that occupy your membrane is that of a divorced mermaid.
The earth resist you accommodation and your accomplishments is now standing trial in the court of social media, with “likes as the prosecuting counsel” and “Comments as the trial Judge.”
There you are as the defendants manned by your lawyers -your Pen and Muse.
After back and forth arguments, the Social Media courts give his judgement as follows;
Do not let the likes and comments be your muse, if they come accept them with warm reception, if they don’t come, keep working and never stop working.
Never you compare your timeline with another.
We are not judged by our likes and comments, but by the quality of the contents we push out.
There will be comments that will break you and even pierce your hearts,but rise above them and keep pushing out quality contents.
After the judgement, the chains of likes and comments were gunned down and you are now free to attain your full potential in life.
My thoughts and ink that flows through the South, East, West and North into my bleeding pen are always with you all.
About Writer:
Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu is a Writer,Poet,Digital Marketer, Philosopher and a Laptop Specialist based in Lagos. His works has been featured on Tushstories.com, Naijaloaded.com and now Stefnsylvester.comYou can connect with him via his social media handles:

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Jaachi Anyatonwu
Jaachi Anyatonwu is a poet, editor, and publisher living in the suburbs of Aba. He is the author of numerous poetry chapbooks and collections, and the Editor-In-Chief of Poemify Publishers Inc. Jaachi is passionate about discovering new voices and mentoring emerging poets. He is also a fierce advocate for the boy child and sexually molested.

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