I Love You This Much, a poem

"He whispered to my ailing heart And said 'I love you this much'"
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Stubble had more value
Compared to me and all I had.
Deep within I felt so empty
Yearning for a refill
But no one, nothing could do.

So I got me on my boat
Sailing to a land unknown
Nomadic call in my heart I follow
Casting cares and fears aside
Refill I seek for my empty inside.

Birds chirp past in happy wings
Piercing through same boisterous wind
that rocked my boat to the ocean bed
I am drowning,
No one caring
I wish I were a bird
I could’ve flapped my broken wings
and pierce through the wind
But how could I fly
When I’m sunk under water?

Under water like Prophet Jonah
In many random whispers
I wondered where went Jehovah
When the wind and sea and sail
Conspired to sink my ship
and the devil hoard saving grace?

I got mad threw tantrums
As I sink like a piece of rock
Into the ocean dropped.
“I have wings not designed for water
I could swim, Lord fins would’ve been better!”
And in few feeble whispers
I silently prayed for salvation.
Then I saw a bait, line and sinker
Dropping down a known stranger.
I thought fishes are taken up when baited
Why dost this sink and not rise above water?

I watched as this captured man
Hands hooked by the palms
Dangling from the line and sinker
Bleeding yet smiling down at me.

Shame stars!

In His eyes are twinkles I’ve never seen –
He beckoned I hold onto him
Like a ship to her anchor
He bore the pain
While I clung on
Up and on he took me higher
From the ocean bed above water.

He still bleed and I feel sorry
“You could’ve just dropped the line!”
I blinkered.
“…and draw me out of the water.
Why hook it to your palms
just to save my life?”

Though I’m grateful He saved me.
But I felt He did foolishly.
He smiled again
And his face shone
And when He spoke
The cosmic trembled
Arms on my trembling shoulder
He whispered to my ailing heart
And said ‘I love you this much’

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