I Survived The Storm Anyway

Let%2BMe%2BLove%2BYou%252C%2Ba%2Bpoem%2Bby%2BStefn%2BSylvester%2BAnyatonwu Jaachi Anyatonwu

I Survived The Storm Anyway

grew up down town, in a small town

when the rain come down,
i’d just stare out my window by the balcony
dreaming of what could be and how to be
i ask the lord a thousand questions,
won’t the storm in my head break me?
would i ever, maybe, break even?
i wonder if i’d ever end up happy

mum: if you pray, you’d survive any way

then i’d go down on my knees
shut my eyes and say
‘lord, at your feet, i lay me down my fears
i pray i outlive my fallen peers.
and if this storm, dear lord, would not abate
i pray the lord my soul to take’


grew up down town, in a small town 

i think i survived the storm anyway

#Pengician #SSA

Jaachi Anyatonwu
So%2BYou%2BWant%2BTo%2BBe%2BA%2BPoet Jaachi Anyatonwu 

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