My Lover Is A Sunflower

My Lover Is A Sunflower

“Let the Sunflower of Love Brighten Your Life!” My Lover Is A Sunflower We stand together in the sun,Our faces turned to the sky,Our hands entwined, our hearts as one,As we watch the sunflowers grow. The petals of the blooms…


The Quest For Peace

The Quest For Peace They told us that rivers does not flow up the mountain,But rather flows down the mountainWhy then does my tears flow upwardsInto my head, dampening my thoughts afterwards? They told us stars twinkle in the nightAnd…

a lot has happened

A Lot Happened This Year

One thing that really struck me last night is how frequently I hear people repeat, "A lot happened this year," as if they didn't say the exact same thing last December.
wind illustration

strong winds, ocean waves, & tough times

strong winds do not care to knowwhether or not the root is deep or shallowit just blowshard,bending, breaking, uprooting ocean waves do not consider the shipnor seamen losing sleepit just rises,high,rocking, flooding, upturning tough times are not concerned with my…

i die here

i die here

this war unendingthis gun ever firing this jungle is under siegethis trench is no more safe this war is as realas air in my nostril but this war isn’t on the ground,it’s in my mind, i am a soldier of…


to the boys

To the boyswho for the trauma dished by bulliessneaked into army barracksto transfer aggressionon a peaceful nationand cover their trackswith sick ‘unification’ lies…It was really peaceful here before you came. To the boyswho for the love of khakithe pride of…


we were lovers

you were sunlight,the reason I long for dawnbut darkness engulfs me in many shades of pain‘Sunlight!!!’ my cry all night unfortunately, the sun does not set at nightand I am no longer able to see your smiles you were silk,the…

square holes

pull out of the square holes

his emotions are scattered stars,dangling from cloudless skies,forming their own constellation, light years away from the normsthat feed the stereotypes,threatening to engulf him,in the arms of presumed masculinity, he, like the rest, whose lips,have been sealed,from uttering words emotion-laden,lest ‘weakness’…


in my country

…in my country,the path to home is so shameless while other nations charta pathway to the moon and back we can’t trace the road to workwithout being crushed beneath a tilting truck we can’t find our way back homewithout dancing…

Jaachị for president

Jaachị for president

Jaachị for president. Except for being good with wordsand an unrepentant scribbler of pun, I have absolutely no qualifications, but that never mattered in 2015. Aye?The eyes have it!We’re sick of being led by the blind. I have no idea…

Jaachị Anyatọnwụ

How I Wrote My First Poem

I remember the first poem I wrote. It was titled “No Pain, No Gain”. It was in 2005. Family’d moved from the centre of Aba to a suburb some months before that day. It was a new environment. Calm. Quiet.…


time is a winged chariot

time is a winged chariot ever since time found time tobe created, time never cease tofleet. seconds tick into minutes,minute tick into hours, hours makeup days. day by the day, yearscome and go while I play the roleof a late…

Picture of roads for a journey

the journey’s just begun

i awoke to stillnessaround me sat solemn soulsregurgitating the past without words, they beckoned“come. sit. sigh with us,for tomorrow will never come” there’s no denying that hope failed thembut i’ve got a reason to crawl beyond hereeyes fixated on what…



uncertainties the world is running under my feetnothing is certaineverything always changing. the universe is floating overheadnothing is stableeverything always changing. her soul’s crawling on coalsnothing is herseverything lost. we’ve got more illusive days aheadlets bury our heads in theshore…

wild thoughts

Wild Thoughts

you sit by a river of flooding ideasand watch your thoughts run wild you lend your limbs to the windand with the wings of many eaglesyou take your flight into distant ‘what-if-lands’ silence shut out the voices that beckonto distract…



rivalry rivalry is a quicksand that swallows brothersan excuse for animosity to be abused a justification to enshrine the irrationala fancy name for beasts to compete against people we evolved over timeto call ‘brother’. assemble a masses of the vile…


Let The Music Play

“it’s better to dance than to march through life” so, i push the play buttonturn on the volume & danceto a cacophony of naysayings& a symphony of motivatorson repeat as i dance, i am pushing throughthe barriers of tirednessfighting to…

How To Write A Poetica

How To Write A Poetica

Start off by imagining yourself in a raceIf you’re stuck with prospects, maybe choose a familiar face.Consider your heartbeat and the fire in her eyes.Will the embers be golden, or just eros bright? Imagine a caress, a kiss filled with…

dear nun

Dear Nun

"Would you let me take you to another realm where clouds shall welcome our sensual fury with faith, with love, with unholy melodies?"

8 Steps to a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

We all understand that having a solid LinkedIn profile is a crucial rung on the ladder to professional success, yet many of us never seem to have the time. You can drastically increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile in less than an hour by making a few straightforward adjustments to it.
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